These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign for deeper insight.


Aries (King of Gabriel)
This week you excel with leadership and creative solutions to problems. You have reached a point in your life where you feel guided to pass on your talents and mentor those who wish to take a similar path. Lead by example to inspire others to embrace their creative passions. You have the energy, drive and experience to accomplish great things and take your life purpose to the next level. Fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and get your creative offerings out into the world. Focusing on the big picture will carry you through any minor hurdles this week. A β€˜no’ just means the universe is nudging you toward something better, so remain optimistic and open to different avenues to showcase your ideas and creative talent. Someone generous, inspirational, dramatic and driven to follow their passion may be significant to you this week – most likely an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Lead with passion, fire and courage!

Taurus (Eight of Gabriel)
You are extremely motivated to take action on all your ideas and creative plans this week! You’ll need your wits about you to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities too. The good news is that delays are over and your plans move into high gear. This is a fertile time to put energy into creative projects and those pursuits you are deeply passionate about as you are set to achieve many things this week. While the pace may seem frenetic, you will feel exhilarated by the progress you make. Be sure not to lose yourself in all of the activity and work with your energy levels. Keeping the big picture in mind will maintain your motivation and focus. This is a time of making things happen. Each step builds confidence!

Gemini (Three of Raphael)
There will be something to celebrate that brings you emotional happiness and connection with those you love and cherish. If you’ve been working too hard, this is the time to reach out and connect with others and prioritise friendships and close connections. Find enjoyment in social connections – even those with whom you work. Taking the time to connect with colleagues on a personal level will strengthen your professional relationships and increase productivity. The clear message this week is to experience fun with others, even if you can only do so virtually! Close friendships which provide you with emotional comfort and a sense of belonging are important this week. You may also discover a new soul family connection too. How wonderful! Revel in the emotional nourishment of friends who celebrate you unconditionally!

Cancer (Eight of Michael)
You may be doing head miles over a situation and the more you focus on it, the more tangled your mind becomes. Don’t look for the solution to come from an external source – it lies within. You have the wisdom inside you to determine the right course of action. The trick is to quiet your mind and allow low-vibe thoughts to float away. Obsessing only blocks the flow of assistance from the universe. There are some things you cannot control, especially the decisions of others. Fixating on an outcome diminishes your power. Give your worries to Archangel Michael and allow creative solutions to flow into your consciousness. These solutions will release you from a situation that currently has you feeling trapped. Use your free will to change your experience of this situation. Choose a more peaceful path for YOU. Sometimes letting go is best. If something is meant to be yours it will find its way (back) to you.

Leo (Five of Gabriel)
You are likely to be dealing with several competing goals this week and there may be disagreement with others about how to proceed in certain situations. There may be a clash of wills or tension so it would be unwise to force an issue for the sake of being right as this will only create defensiveness and thwart progress. Instead, focus on the big picture. This will help you to rise above any conflict. Positive intention and ethical actions are essential to successfully managing challenges this week. There is no growth without conflict, however if people continue to create drama in your life it may be time to sever ties. It’s important not to second-guess yourself this week, follow your instincts, don’t take things personally and soften into conflict rather than holding on to grudges. Resist the temptation to create drama. Use your creative mind to reimagine a greater outcome.

Virgo (Six of Ariel)
A spirit of gratitude imbues your words and actions this week and this invites abundance into your life. If you have a tendency to be a giver, be prepared to receive! Charitable giving is also indicated, whether through a donation of money or time, your abundant energy and spirit overflows to others, thus reinforcing the gratitude-abundance cycle. It could very well be returned to you too. Your material needs will be met in pleasantly surprising ways, perhaps an error is corrected in your favour, or something is received through random generosity or serendipity. Good news about financial matters, especially loans, is also indicated this week and you may have the opportunity to pay off a debt or put a financial plan in place. Money is just another energy form, allow it to flow through you to create value and meaning through connection to a higher purpose. Giving and receiving in equal measure is the main theme of this week. Maintain a grateful heart.

Libra (Four of Ariel)
Your health and finances are in focus this week. It is the ideal opportunity to make any adjustments to create more stability around finances and health. It’s time to get really practical about any solutions or ideas you have had about improving these areas. Enough thinking and planning, it is now time to ground these thoughts into action to get the results you desire. Be mindful of the relationship between your physical health and income, both are manifestations of the mental, emotional and spiritual planes. As above, so below. Work on an energetic level to release pain. If you are exploring options for formalising a creative interest or hobby this week, make sure to set the appropriate value of your product or service and don’t under sell yourself. If you are a giver, this week you will learn to receive with grace and to ask for what you know you deserve. Set your value.

Scorpio (The Emperor)
Getting organised and bringing structure to your vision and goals defines your week and sets you up for momentum into the future. Discipline and commitment are your greatest attributes this week, as are planning and forecasting. Any steps you take will set you up for success, no matter how small. Archangels Michael and Uriel are ready to assist you to access divine wisdom and harness all all of your life experience to guide your decisions and actions. Strategic thinking and efficient action are required and by the end of the week you will feel very satisfied with your accomplishments. Sharing your wisdom and experience with others also brings you deep satisfaction. A plan comes together as you align thinking and action toward a long-term strategy. You can handle anything that comes your way with composure and dignity. Be the leader you always wanted others to be.

Sagittarius (Peace)
It is time to move on from a person or situation that you know is a drain on your energy and emotions. This week you are supported in releasing this situation in order to make space for new people, experiences and Divine guidance to enter so that you can transform your life and truly shine. Letting go can be challenging, so you will need to practice self-care to ensure you can process your unexpressed emotions and their physical manifestation. Take time out to grieve any loss so that you can fully release the situation, person or attitude from your life. Call upon Archangel Azrael to guide and support you during this process and get professional, holistic help if you feel overwhelmed. You will be taken out of your comfort zone and it is best not to fight it because on the other side of short term discomfort is the inner peace you have been seeking. Endings are painful, but necessary for spiritual growth.

Capricorn (Nine of Michael)
You may experience fear, worry or anxiety this week. This is something you believe is out of your control and your thoughts have become obsessive about finding a way out. You are encouraged to project your thoughts toward the outcome that is for your best and highest good. You must do all you can in a situation then surrender to the higher power to work out the details of when and how it will be resolved. When you do this, you step into universal flow and allow things to unfold as they need to – this removes the need to do head miles over things you can’t control. Be open to receiving guidance and healing from Archangel Michael about this situation, and take particular note of your dreams as there are Divine messages being presented to you as potential solutions. Once you shift into a spiritual perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you, never against.

Aquarius (Queen of Gabriel)
Express your passion, creativity and boldness this week. Leave doubt and insecurity behind. Success this week comes through following your instincts and having supreme confidence in your capabilities. Throw in a splash of cheekiness and playfulness in your intimate relationships too! Others will find your enthusiasm irresistible and will want to spend time in your energy. Your creativity is amplified this week, so if there is a hobby or interest you have been meaning to do for a while, this is the week to pour energy into it and possibly even grow it into a full blown business venture. This will energise your spirit and align you with your divine purpose and path in life. Someone passionate, independent, warm and spontaneous may be significant – an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You can accomplish anything this week – go after what you want. Your creativity and problem-solving skills are genius!

Pisces (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or something about which you are passionate presents itself this week. It is an invitation to step into your life’s purpose for the first time, or expand the path you’re already on. This week you have the confidence to pursue any offers with enthusiasm as risks are likely to pay off. If you have been thinking about exploring a new direction in your life, especially if it involves a passion or higher purpose, this week is the time to take action. Take positive action on ideas this week, fuelled by inspiration and a deep desire to achieve. Make connections with others who share your passion – you might be surprised at what opportunities come your way. This is your chance to do something truly amazing – a gift of passion for yourself. Take action to change your life – joy is your guide! Future travel is also in the spotlight this week, especially to places which you have felt a spiritual or intuitive connection. Your ability to envision an inspiring future for yourself is exhilarating!

Lots of love,

Marion xxx

Weekly Soul Scopes 13-19 September 2021