What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology, which recognises that the natal (birth) chart is a map of the soul’s intention and evolution in this lifetime.

The central principle of Evolutionary Astrology is the natural law of free will – that we are the authority of our own lives through the choices we make. Understanding our chart from an evolutionary perspective offers the opportunity to make choices which are more aligned to our soul’s intention for this life, providing greater sense of peace, joy and flow.

Evolutionary Astrology does not distinguish between “good” or “bad” planets or placements in a chart. Everything in a chart is set up perfectly to progress the soul’s evolution in this incarnation. It is every person’s free will as to how they choose to work with the energies and potential of their chart.

An evolutionary astrologer will reveal the potential of the chart in areas of work, health, relationships, spiritual and emotional development, family, identity weaving a rich tapestry of the unique gifts and sacred hurdles for each individual. The aim, always, is to deliver messages sensitively in a way that empowers each person to realise that life doesn’t happen to them, it happens for them.