Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist – blending Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design to embody your most alive, ambitious and aligned life!

The Experience

When you work with Marion, you will know exactly how you are designed to live your most authentic and aligned life. No more floating. No more doubting. No more wondering or aimless meandering on the path of life spending years figuring out how to “find” yourself or what your purpose is.

For the rebels, geniuses and empaths

Marion works with people who want to create impact and leave their mark on this world!

Marion uses proven techniques, through her 10+ years of experience, to awaken your genius and help you to embody your human design and soul path in this life! If you want to move beyond limitations and conditioning to create massive impact, this program is perfect for you, especially if you are seeking elevation to collective and global leadership.

Bringing your soul plan and design into reality

Marion’s Soul Awakening Program is a six month journey of connecting with your true purpose – you! Marion works with you 1:1 to create your personalised program based on your natal (birth) chart and Human Design chart to map out the exact process for embodying your design, bringing it to life and elevating it to stretch you into the next phase of your growth and expansion!

What’s in the program?

In this tailored program, you get:

  • 12 x private sessions with Marion (2 per month over 6 months)
  • A bespoke, structured program, tailored to bring your specific design to life
  • Personal coaching and support from Marion to understand your design
  • Customised learning materials and activities to bring your design to life through proven tools and techniques to elicit behaviour change so you can achieve real, tangible results.

Need more information?

Contact Marion: for full program outline and pricing. Packages start at AUD $2997.00.