These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign for deeper insight.


Aries (Three of Raphael)
There will be something to celebrate that brings you emotional happiness and connection with those you love and cherish. If youโ€™ve been working too hard, this is the time to reach out and connect with others and prioritise friendships and close connections. Find enjoyment in social connections โ€“ even those with whom you work. Taking the time to connect with colleagues on a personal level will strengthen your professional relationships and increase productivity. The clear message this week is to experience fun with others, even if you can only do so virtually! Close friendships which provide you with emotional comfort and a sense of belonging are important this week. You may also discover a new soul family connection too. How wonderful! Revel in the emotional nourishment of friends who celebrate you!

Taurus (Five of Michael)
A situation may not have worked out the way you hoped and you now have a decision to make about how, or if, you will proceed, especially as it appears that someoneโ€™s intent is in question. Ego has caused them to act selfishly, so now you must decide if you can find a win-win situation or completely let it go. Take stock of the situation from a logical point of view. If the cost of continuing is too high, because you donโ€™t believe the other person will take responsibility for their words or actions, you are better to take the lessons and move on. Letting go of situations that dim your light or pull you into lower vibrational energy is necessary to relieve mental stress this week. You will know the right moment to do this. Ask Archangel Michael to assist with cutting energetic cords and helping you to feel more at peace with your decisions. Trust yourself first.

Gemini (Six of Michael)
A difficult situation improves this week as you realise that much of the turbulence was created in your own mind. Healing on a mental level will take place, so if youโ€™ve been doing head miles over a particular situation, this will dissipate as you focus your thoughts and energy on making new plans and enacting new ideas. This week is also a good time to make changes to any area of your life, especially clearing out limiting beliefs and out-dated attitudes as conditions are favourable for you to let go of the old and transition a new state of mind. Guided meditations are helpful this week as they take you out of anxiety and into the present moment. Connecting with your higher self is critical for healing. Enjoy the now, knowing that your thoughts, dreams and inner-knowing are guiding you in the right direction. Invoke Archangel Michael for guidance and know that you are never alone with your spirit team always willing and ready to assist. Mental clarity and calm are your goals this week.

Cancer (New Beginnings)
You are on the threshold of a new cycle in your life, so you may be feeling a bit out of sorts while you process and let go of the old to allow new energy to enter. Compassionately review and evaluate your past experiences so you can take forward the lessons and apply them in the next phase. Reflection and self- forgiveness are required. It is time to rejoice in all of the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have learned so much about yourself and developed a deeper understanding of the perfectly imperfect duality of the human condition. This self-acceptance and life experience enhances your confidence and you now feel ready to move ahead in the next phase of your spiritual journey. This week you are supported to pursue or extend your lifeโ€™s true purpose. Listen to those whispers from the universe guiding you toward your path. Archangels Michael and Jeremiel can help with identifying your life purpose and clearing the path so that you can pursue it with commitment and confidence. New beginnings!

Leo (Page of Raphael)
A relationship enters a new phase of openness and sensitivity this week. This could be a new person entering your life or the deepening of an existing romance. Singles could meet someone emotionally available and on the same frequency. For others this week heralds a new relationship with yourself, an emotional break-through that allows you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. It is the realisation within your heart that a softening is required on your part to achieve different results in relationships. The energy of relationships this week is sensitive, innocent and intuitive. Some may feel they are being swept away on a sea of pure, heart-filled emotion. You are! Just go with it. Reveal your vulnerable side and soak up those loving vibes. A Cancerian or younger, sensitive person may be significant to you this week. A message of love arrives just in time, donโ€™t give up hope!

Virgo (Page of Michael)
You may receive information that causes you to over-analyse or re-think a situation this week. Take this as a blessing. It is important not to take things personally and instead focus on the benefit that comes from knowing the truth about a situation or person. This is not the time to make an emotional decision or communicate in the heat of an emotional reaction as you are likely to say something you regret. Approaching challenges with logic, intellect and fairness is your best response. There may be delays or changes to plans, but be open to the idea that it may be the universe nudging you toward something better. Ideas flow into your consciousness with regularity this week, so take note of any messages you receive via flashes of genius or inner knowing as this is the Divine inspiration which you have been seeking โ€“ a key piece of the puzzle falls into place. Review contracts or documents thoroughly. Someone who is direct, perceptive and analytical may also be significant to you this week โ€“ most likely a Gemini or other air sign (Libra or Aquarius).

Libra (The Lovers)
Relationships and deep soul connections are significant this week. Archangel Raphael is the patron of soul mates as healthy relationships provide us with an enhanced sense of well-being. If you are in a relationship, this week the energy is auspicious to communicate on a deeper level with your loved one as sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings will strengthen your bond. For singles, this is the perfect week to manifest your soul mate โ€“ write down how you want to feel in the partnership of your dreams then let it go, the universe will answer the call at the perfect time. If you have been secretly crushing on someone now may be the time to express your feelings verbally or through the written word. Allow your heart to guide all of your decisions and love to overflow to all whom you encounter this week. Embrace the power and transformative healing energy of unconditional love, acceptance and pure soul connection. Revel in all the feels as this energy is reflected back to you.

Scorpio (Nine of Michael)
You may experience fear, worry or anxiety this week. This is something you believe is out of your control and your thoughts have become obsessive about finding a way out. You are encouraged to project your thoughts toward the outcome that is for your best and highest good. You must do all you can in a situation then surrender to the higher power to work out the details of when and how it will be resolved. When you do this, you step into universal flow and allow things to unfold as they need to โ€“ this removes the need to do head miles over things you canโ€™t control. Be open to receiving guidance and healing from Archangel Michael about this situation, and take particular note of your dreams as there are Divine messages being presented to you as potential solutions. Once you shift into a spiritual perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you, never against.

Sagittarius (The Wheel)
If youโ€™ve been experiencing frustration over an important situation or decision, blocks will be lifted this week and things will move forward quickly. Focus your thoughts and feelings on the outcome to propel you forward. This is a period of expansion, opportunities and advancement as you switch your mind to optimistic expectation, confident in the knowledge that everything will work well for you once your energy is directed towards what you desire. If a situation has been challenging, youโ€™ll be able to appreciate the positive effect it had on your life and put those lessons into practice with future experiences. Good luck is also indicated and it all starts with optimistic thinking! You may be pleasantly surprised by something that manifests quickly this week. Maintain positive focus on your faith to keep the wheel of fortune turning.

Capricorn (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or something about which you are passionate presents itself this week. It is an invitation to step into your lifeโ€™s purpose for the first time, or expand the path youโ€™re already on. This week you have the confidence to pursue any offers with enthusiasm as risks are likely to pay off. If you have been thinking about exploring a new direction in your life, especially if it involves a passion or higher purpose, this week is the time to take action. Take positive action on ideas this week, fuelled by inspiration and a deep desire to achieve. Make connections with others who share your passion โ€“ you might be surprised at what opportunities come your way. This is your chance to do something truly amazing โ€“ a gift of passion for yourself. Take action to change your life โ€“ joy is your guide! Future travel is also in the spotlight this week, especially to places which you have felt a spiritual or intuitive connection. Your ability to envision an inspiring future for yourself is exhilarating!

Aquarius (Four of Gabriel)
Revel in the energy of celebration! Your commitment and dedication pays off this week and provides you with deep feelings of satisfaction with how your life is evolving. Connection to your higher self and confidence in divine guidance are strong this week and you may experience prophetic visions. You are laying foundations and creating stability in your life, especially around your path in life and soul mate connections. Successful completion of a project is indicated and may pay off in material and spiritual ways this week too. Home matters are also highlighted such as celebrating a milestone in a relationship, business partnership or creative endeavour. If you have been thinking about taking a relationship to the next level, this week is the perfect time to plan and take action towards making it happen. Celebrate your progress and achievements and build on them. Stable foundations are set through creative action and social connection this week. Co-create joyful experiences with the universe!

Pisces (Three of Ariel)
Success is yours this week with good planning and hard work, especially if this energy is focused on developing new skills and talents and honing existing ones. This is a time of significant growth in your career, in particular turning a hobby or interest into something that can be soulfully and financially rewarding. You can confidently draw on your skills, knowledge and attributes to bring people together and solve problems. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this week. Your work provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment and you realise it is possible to derive financial prosperity from doing what you love. This week is also an ideal time to action those creative projects which have been bubbling away in your mind. Get to it!

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

Love Marion


Weekly Soul Scopes 20-26 September 2021