Hi, I’m Marion, the Soul Awakening Queen™

As an Astrologer and Intuitive Coach I help women embrace their Divinity, offload their ‘stuff’ and embody their sacred mission.

I’m a Cancer Sun with Pisces Moon and Gemini Ascendant. If you’re into Astrology you’ll know this combo creates a life purpose which fuses intuition,  communication and the past.

Throw in strong planets in the third, eighth and twelfth houses and you’ll understand why going soul-deep, exploring past lives and teaching are part of my spiritual journey! But this wasn’t always the case…

Once a sceptic…

You see, for many years I was curious about spirituality and the unseen realms, I got readings but often dismissed their significance as I just couldn’t relate to concepts that I thought were too “out there”.

My mum was a psychic and healer and she exposed me to different practices, meditation, channellings from the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters, but I remained sceptical. Yep, I was a rebellious creature!

When my mum was sick with cancer I began to open up and embrace my spiritual side – slowly. I went to a psychic and asked about my life purpose. Something in me felt that there was more to my life than the job I was doing at the time.

Still a sceptic…

The psychic said my life purpose involved Astrology and Tarot. There was a part of me that deeply wanted to believe it was true.

Sure, I was interested in Astrology from a very young age and used to give mini readings to my friends at school and continued to self-study and see the world through the lens of Astrology into my adult life. But to do it full time as a profession? Never

Sure, I had dabbled in Tarot, but that was just a bit of fun with girlfriends for Friday night drinks and dinner!

My sceptical mind kicked in and I thought there was surely NO WAY Astrology and Tarot could be my life purpose! No way at all. I laughed my way out of that reading. But the seed was planted…

The awakening…

My mum’s cancer returned a while later and within nine months she was terminally ill.

One day, I was sitting at the end of her hospital bed when a portal opened up in the room. It was the tunnel that so many who’ve experienced near-death experiences speak about. In an instant I was transported energetically to the entrance on this side, standing with my mum, holding her hand.

On the other side of the tunnel I could see the out-stretched arms of our ancestors waiting, ready for her passing, beckoning her with love. I told mum it was ok, that it was safe for her to go, and that she was going to be greeted with so much love. It was time.

A couple of hours later she passed peacefully.

Universe, you have my attention…

The experience of helping my mum cross over was so profound, so real, my sceptic mind could not dismiss it. I knew I wasn’t crazy and I knew I hadn’t imagined it. It was the most amazing experience of my life! I could no longer deny that spirit was calling me.

From that time on, I have been devoted to my spiritual path, learning a range of practices and healing modalities, on a trajectory that resembles a rocket taking off from Cape Canaveral. Surprising to me was that it all seemed so natural, so real, so powerful to be doing all of those things that mum tried to expose me to. They were my reality now.

Astrologer, healer, teacher…

And yes, I became a professional Tarot reader and teacher! And I am also a trained and practicing Astrologer! The irony does not escape me.

A few years after mum’s passing she came through in a mediumship reading and thanked me for helping her to cross over. Validation complete.

And now, I have created my own program, Soul Awakening, to help others like me who would like to know who they are at soul level and are ready to walk their spiritual path.

Is this your story too?

If you can relate to my story and you’re a sceptic or curious about your spiritual path, I would love to chat with you about how I can help you connect with the deepest part of yourself and live an intuitive and spiritually enriching life.

Love Marion


Welcome to your awakened life!

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