These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign for deeper insight.


Aries (Two of Raphael)
Friendships and relationships deepen and romance is in the air! There is the opportunity to meet kindred spirits and, for singles, you may experience the potential of a friendship blossoming into an emotionally fulfilling romantic and soulful connection. With all of this love energy surrounding you this week you have the ability to bring conflicts to a positive resolution. A spirit of cooperation guides all of your interactions, particularly with your significant other and you will be able to communicate without words. Sharing your feelings is important too as it will bring you closer and strengthen your emotional bond. Approach all situations with an open heart. Choose being happy over being right and embrace the magic that unfolds. Heart connections are your most important priority this week and vulnerability is your key to contentment. Love is the answer!

Taurus (The Star)
This week you are feeling more positive and hopeful about the future. Your experiences over the recent past have shown that you can handle any situation that comes your way. Have full trust in the universeโ€™s plan knowing that challenges are behind you and you are now in a period of integration and healing. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression. Best of all, it is your light that you are embracing and it is now guiding you forward. You are optimistic about where you are heading and have Archangel Jophielโ€™s support to make long-term plans in the pursuit of your true path. Allow inspiration to flow through you and Divine messages to guide you. Surrender to universal power, there is no need to control. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure success. Acceptance is an inside job.

Gemini (Six of Gabriel)
Reward and recognition are yours and victory is in the air this week! You will finally be appreciated and acknowledged for all you do! There is auspicious energy to ask for a pay rise, development opportunity or other reward which you know you truly deserve. Archangel Gabriel also acknowledges your efforts and encourages you to keep valuing yourself and celebrate all of the milestones along the way. Your reputation will receive a significant boost this week and you are encouraged to capitalise on this by taking your projects to the next level. If you run your own business, you can expect increased referrals based on other peopleโ€™s satisfaction with your work. You may experience increased public exposure and professional acknowledgement in your field. Confidently move forward with putting ideas into creative action. Be brave enough to pitch ideas to your boss and trust that your intuition will triumph. Your creativity, skills and instincts will pave a successful outcome. Celebrate being you, just as you are!

Cancer (Queen of Ariel)
This week you are rich with abundant energy and surrounded by people and beautiful environments which amplify this. Making the effort to enjoy time with other people, either at work or home, will be a pleasure for you. You may also be inspired to beautify your surroundings too. You are resourceful with money and confident in your creative thinking abilities. Practical advice this you provide week is appreciated. If you have been giving too much of late, do something for yourself. A salt bath, aromatherapy massage or time in nature will reset mind and body. Overall though your energy is stable and youโ€™re feeling optimistic about any health and financial changes you are making. Someone generous, practical and mature may be significant to you this week โ€“ a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. A great week to listen to and honour your body as a magnificent creation!

Leo (King of Michael)
Same message again this week, Leo! This week you have the ability to cut through emotional clutter and get straight to the heart of matters using your logic, intellect and moral compass. You know what is right and you have the confidence to speak your mind with conviction and courage. If there is a difficult decision to make, you have the wisdom to reach a decision that balances mental and emotional considerations and is fair to all concerned. In business, your diplomacy and professionalism brings people together to resolve with objectivity and wisdom. Honest and open communication may be challenging but absolutely necessary and people will appreciate your direct approach this week. Someone who is brilliant, funny, fair-minded and diplomatic may cross your path this week in a professional capacity โ€“ most likely a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Communicate honestly, even if itโ€™s difficult.

Virgo (Five of Raphael)
Regret, guilt, shame, resentment or disappointment can keep you in an emotional holding pattern. You can wallow for a time, as it is important to acknowledge how you are feeling about a situation or person, but ultimately it is unhealthy to hang on to those feelings as they can remain in your body causing discomfort and dis-ease. Feel gratitude for the learning you have obtained from this situation and this will help you to move forward and create the space for new, positive experiences to enter your life. Everything happens for a reason and you did the best you could at the time under the circumstances. You did what you know in your heart was the right thing and you canโ€™t control how others respond. Allow these feelings to move through and out of your body, and embrace life again. Cry, yell, write, dance, run, box, sweat โ€“ any movement will help to release trapped emotions. Being human isnโ€™t easy sometimes, but our most painful experiences are designed to propel us further into being the best version of ourselves.

Libra (The Lovers)
Relationships and deep soul connections are significant this week. Archangel Raphael is the patron of soul mates as healthy relationships provide us with an enhanced sense of well-being. If you are in a relationship, this week the energy is auspicious to communicate on a deeper level with your loved one as sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings will strengthen your bond. For singles, this is the perfect week to manifest your soul mate โ€“ write down how you want to feel in the partnership of your dreams then let it go, the universe will answer the call at the perfect time. If you have been secretly crushing on someone now may be the time to express your feelings verbally or through the written word. Allow your heart to guide all of your decisions and love to overflow to all whom you encounter this week. Embrace the power and transformative healing energy of unconditional love, acceptance and pure soul connection. Revel in all the feels as this energy is reflected back to you.

Scorpio (Eight of Ariel)
You have reached a point of accomplishment in a project or professional field and it is time to acknowledge your contribution. This is not the time to rest on your laurels however. Yes, you have worked hard and achieved much you can be proud of, but there is still more to do. It is time to stretch beyond your current comfort zone. Reflect on the lessons and use your new found wisdom to build and hone your skills and talents. Your thirst for knowledge is strong this week you may expand your knowledge through self-directed study or a formal qualification. This will provide you with the credibility and confidence to pursue a career you love, which can sustain you for the long term. Armed with this knowledge about your value, you can decide to stay where you are, or seek other opportunities. Continue to develop and hone your abilities and embrace a mindset of life-long learning. Knowledge becomes wisdom through practice and experience over time.

Sagittarius (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or something about which you are passionate presents itself this week. It is an invitation to step into your lifeโ€™s purpose for the first time, or expand the path youโ€™re already on. This week you have the confidence to pursue any offers with enthusiasm as risks are likely to pay off. If you have been thinking about exploring a new direction in your life, especially if it involves a passion or higher purpose, this week is the time to take action. Take positive action on ideas this week, fuelled by inspiration and a deep desire to achieve. Make connections with others who share your passion โ€“ you might be surprised at what opportunities come your way. This is your chance to do something truly amazing โ€“ a gift of passion for yourself. Take action to change your life โ€“ joy is your guide! Future travel is also in the spotlight this week, especially to places which you have felt a spiritual or intuitive connection. Your ability to envision an inspiring future for yourself is exhilarating!

Capricorn (The Sun)
You are filled with optimism and joy this week which provides you with a strong sense of confidence. Archangel Uriel is guiding you to own your power and shine your light with magnificence. Allow your warmth to bring positivity and confidence to others too. You may feel strong enough to address a situation that has been dimming your light for some time. Embrace your divinity and allow the sun to warm up those places within you that you have kept hidden. Illumination will be brought to an uncertain situation this week, bringing new growth and opportunities. Maintain a positive outlook and you will experience the universal flow of perfect timing, synchronicity and helpful people. Connecting with your inner child is important for creative play and joyful experiences. It is all about you this week. Bask in your own glorious light!

Aquarius (Page of Ariel)
This week there are opportunities to improve your physical and material security. You are likely to receive positive messages about work, home and health. Good news about a financial matter is also indicated. You will feel motivated to get involved in a new interest or activity that stimulates your desire to learn something in which youโ€™ve always had an interest. This may involve a new area of study in a health or allied field. The angels want you to know that you do have the patience, pragmatism and persistent energy to see this study through to a successful completion. Look for repeated numbers and other signs to confirm you are on path. A teenager or young adult who is reliable, clever and earthy may also be significant to you this week โ€“ most likely a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Listen to your body this week, it has wisdom to share.

Pisces (New Beginnings)
You are on the threshold of a new cycle in your life, so you may be feeling a bit out of sorts while you process and let go of the old to allow new energy to enter. Compassionately review and evaluate your past experiences so you can take forward the lessons and apply them in the next phase. Reflection and self- forgiveness are required. It is time to rejoice in all of the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have learned so much about yourself and developed a deeper understanding of the perfectly imperfect duality of the human condition. This self-acceptance and life experience enhances your confidence and you now feel ready to move ahead in the next phase of your spiritual journey. This week you are supported to pursue or extend your lifeโ€™s true purpose. Listen to those whispers from the universe guiding you toward your path. Archangels Michael and Jeremiel can help with identifying your life purpose and clearing the path so that you can pursue it with commitment and confidence. New beginnings!

Wishing you a safe and cosy week!

Love Marion


Weekly Soul Scopes 30 Aug – 5 Sep 2021