These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign for deeper insight.


Aries (King of Raphael)
This week you will feel like sharing your loving and wise energy with others. Helping those who need a little extra understanding and compassion will bring you a great sense of emotional fulfilment this week. This really is the time to โ€˜pay it forwardโ€™ and seek opportunities to display your humanitarian side and huge capacity for unconditional love. You are the proverbial wise and caring guide. For many of you, this is the ideal time to pursue a career doing something you love, something that makes you jump out of bed each day with a higher purpose to help others and make a meaningful contribution to the world. Emotional healing through facing a troubling issue head on will bring much-needed relief and peace to your inner world. Someone warm, generous, honourable and chivalrous may be significant to you this week โ€“ a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Generosity is your spiritual gift this week!

Taurus (Six of Raphael)
You may feel nostalgic this week as you find yourself in situations that evoke memories from your past or childhood. Someone from your past may re-enter your life or make contact. They have come back for a reason โ€“ to bring awareness of an emotional issue involving self-love that needs to be resolved. This could also be someone from a past life with whom you have felt a magnetic attraction or connection. They are part of your soul family and have appeared to provide you with a valuable life lesson, or provide support. It is also time to get back in touch with your inner child as the angels can see that you need to enjoy more fun, innocence and playful experiences in your life. You are likely to meet new people who you feel safe connecting with on an emotional level. Children are significant to your emotional well-being this week too. Enjoy the feeling of reconnecting with old friends and embracing new ones into your life. Playful activities restore your emotional balance.

Gemini (Five of Ariel)
The same message again for you this week, Gemini. Another chance to put practical measures in place to address a financial, work or health matter this week. If you have been trying to resolve an issue on your own, it may be time to seek assistance. Donโ€™t be too proud to ask for help. Once you turn your energy to focusing on a solution that involves assistance from others, including your angels, your situation will improve. Call in Archangel Ariel to help raise your vibration to the energy of hope and optimism, and lead you to the right people. Your health is a priority this week and you are being called to look deeper into the patterns and emotions which underlie a physical issue. Intuitive counselling and energy healing may assist. Remember that in addition to support from people, you have a team of guardian angels and guides who are ready to assist on a spiritual level. Itโ€™s time to accept that you canโ€™t do this on your own. Reach out this week and allow help from others to enrich you. What you need to be healthy and happy is within reach!

Cancer (King of Ariel)
This week your professional and/or financial status get a boost. Opportunities for promotion or to earn more in the pay packet present themselves as your skills and talents bring rewards, for yourself and others. You are confidently owning your authority in a particular field and it is being recognised and appreciated. You have the ability this week to harness resources wisely, so draw on your experience to create the outcome you are seeking in your material world. Everything you put your hand to will be successful this week, especially those activities on the career front. Preparation for retirement is also indicated and seeking advice from a trusted adviser will help set you up for financial success. Long term investments are the most beneficial at this time. Someone who is successful, stable and influential may also be significant to you this week โ€“ a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Leo (Ten of Ariel)
Youโ€™ll feel extremely blessed this week as you experience a very happy home life with positive energy around health and finances. Invest in areas that bring you a sense of security and belonging. Also, donโ€™t wait for retirement to begin living. Sure, make a plan for your future, but not at the expense of joy in the present. This is the perfect time to work on your hobbies and interests outside of work, and perhaps turn them into a viable career or side business. Perhaps you will use your practical skills and knowledge to help others in your family or community. In relationships, you are about to be rewarded for all of the effort and energy you have put into them. If you are considering starting a family business, material and spiritual rewards are indicated. With all this optimism, stability and abundance, there is so much to be grateful for. Give yourself permission to feel happiness now!

Virgo (Six of Ariel)
A spirit of gratitude imbues your words and actions this week and this invites abundance into your life. If you have a tendency to be a giver, be prepared to receive! Charitable giving is also indicated, whether through a donation of money or time, your abundant energy and spirit overflows to others, thus reinforcing the gratitude-abundance cycle. It could very well be returned to you too. Your material needs will be met in pleasantly surprising ways, perhaps an error is corrected in your favour, or something is received through random generosity or serendipity. Good news about financial matters, especially loans, is also indicated this week and you may have the opportunity to pay off a debt or put a financial plan in place. Money is just another energy form, allow it to flow through you to create value and meaning through connection to a higher purpose. Giving and receiving in equal measure is the main theme of this week. Maintain a grateful heart.

Libra (Ten of Raphael)
There is a massive love vibe around you this week. Acts of kindness fill up your cup as you share significant and joyful moments with those closest to you. You are filled with love and forgiveness and intuitively know how to attend to your emotional needs and those of others. This includes co-workers and business associates too. Trust is deepened and creates a wonderful feeling of security and belonging. Singles may feel they are ready to share love with a significant other and may experience a destined or fated meeting this week. This energy is positive news for people seeking to settle down and create a family or purchase a new home. Rainbows, feathers, butterflies and triple numbers are prominent this week. These are messages from the angels to let you know you are loved and truly blessed. Allow all expressions of love to radiate from you this week.

Scorpio (Queen of Ariel)
This week you are rich with abundant energy and surrounded by people and beautiful environments which amplify this. Making the effort to enjoy time with other people, either at work or home, will be a pleasure for you. You may also be inspired to beautify your surroundings too. You are resourceful with money and confident in your creative thinking abilities. Practical advice this you provide week is appreciated. If you have been giving too much of late, do something for yourself. A salt bath, aromatherapy massage or time in nature will reset mind and body. Overall though your energy is stable and youโ€™re feeling optimistic about any health and financial changes you are making. Someone generous, practical and mature may be significant to you this week โ€“ a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. A great week to listen to and honour your body as a magnificent creation!

Sagittarius (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or something about which you are passionate presents itself this week. It is an invitation to step into your lifeโ€™s purpose for the first time, or expand the path youโ€™re already on. This week you have the confidence to pursue any offers with enthusiasm as risks are likely to pay off. If you have been thinking about exploring a new direction in your life, especially if it involves a passion or higher purpose, this week is the time to take action. Take positive action on ideas this week, fuelled by inspiration and a deep desire to achieve. Make connections with others who share your passion โ€“ you might be surprised at what opportunities come your way. This is your chance to do something truly amazing โ€“ a gift of passion for yourself. Take action to change your life โ€“ joy is your guide! Future travel is also in the spotlight this week, especially to places which you have felt a spiritual or intuitive connection. Your ability to envision an inspiring future for yourself is exhilarating!

Capricorn (Five of Gabriel)
You are likely to be dealing with several competing goals this week and there may be disagreement with others about how to proceed in certain situations. There may be a clash of wills or tension so it would be unwise to force an issue for the sake of being right as this will only create defensiveness and thwart progress. Instead, focus on the big picture. This will help you to rise above any conflict. Positive intention and ethical actions are essential to successfully managing challenges this week. There is no growth without conflict, however if people continue to create drama in your life it may be time to sever ties. Itโ€™s important not to second-guess yourself this week, follow your instincts, donโ€™t take things personally and soften into conflict rather than holding on to grudges. Use your creative mind to reimagine a greater outcome.

Aquarius (Eight of Gabriel)
You are extremely motivated to take action on all your ideas and creative plans this week! Youโ€™ll need your wits about you to make sure you donโ€™t miss out on opportunities too. The good news is that delays are over and your plans move into high gear. This is a fertile time to put energy into creative projects and those pursuits you are deeply passionate about as you are set to achieve many things this week. While the pace may seem frenetic, you will feel exhilarated by the progress you make. Be sure not to lose yourself in all of the activity and work with your energy levels. Keeping the big picture in mind will maintain your motivation and focus. This is a time of making things happen. Each step builds confidence!

Pisces (Divine Guidance)
This week is all about connecting with groups of like-hearted and like-minded people who enrich your soul and make you feel truly accepted and held. Words of wisdom are welcomed from trusted mentors, friends and advisers and will assist you to view a situation from a higher perspective. Not everyone will share the same beliefs as you, so it will be important this week to find common ground rather than slip into judgement and separation. Archangel Sandalphon is guiding you toward understanding the diverse lenses through which we all view the world and respecting different belief systems. If you feel the need to join a spiritual or other interest group, follow your intuition as you are being guided toward your soul tribe. Align your energy and interests with your own beliefs as this is where your life takes on deeper meaning. Have faith in your faith!

Enjoy the warm, fuzzy feelings this week offers.

Love Marion xxx


Weekly Soul Scopes 2-8 August 2021