These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (Justice)
The universe is helping to bring something back into balance for you this week, to make things right. Where you have been wronged, the tables will be turned upright this week. Someone may apologise, or a legal matter may work out in your favour. This is a classic case of 3D justice emulating spiritual justice and you will feel at peace with the outcome. You may need to make an important decision this week too, in the name of truth. If it feels right to pursue something to its final conclusion, regardless of the outcome, this week is the ideal time to initiate action. Or, you may simply decide to leave justice to the universe to work out the karma. You know the spiritual truth of this situation and sometimes that is enough to give you peace of mind. Someone may come back into your life this week to make things right. Important relationships are re-calibrating at this time to accommodate your needs. Have the courage to speak up for what you want/need. You matter too!

Taurus (Four of Pentacles)
You may be feeling very protective of your energy this week. Too much energy output has left you feeling depleted emotionally and physically. You’ll need to be very discerning about where to invest your time, energy, resources and love this week in order to regain your strength. No amount of giving to some people will ever see a return on your investment, so there is a decision to make about how much longer you will continue and to what extent. Situations that have an organic, equal exchange of energy are where you need to invest right now, and you can’t let fear hold you back. Remember, money is an energy system and needs to flow in and out to keep it working for us. Knowing your value and not settling will help you to know where to best invest your time, energy and resources, because the energy exchange will naturally show up.

Gemini (Knight of Wands)
You are full of motivation and will have the energy to accomplish a significant task this week, especially if it involves a passion project, cause or mission. It is important to ensure your energy is directed in a focused manner this week, through creativity, connection to spirit and passionate expression. Not explosive, destructive vengefulness. You’ve set your intention and now is the time to take bold, excited action toward what you desire. Momentum is everything and it’s all up to you now, there is no need to hold back, go for it! An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, may be significant this week. This person lights your fire and lifts your soul with positive energy. Blaze a new trail in your life and allow yourself to have fun doing it!

Cancer (Eight of Wands)
There is a flurry of activity in your world this week. Lots of things going on and forward movement on something important. You are extremely motivated to take action on all your ideas and creative plans this week! You’ll need to operate on instinct and trust your ability to decide and act quickly. The good news is that delays are over and your plans move into high gear. This is a fertile time to put energy into creative projects and pursuits that light you up. While the pace may seem frenetic, you will feel exhilarated by the progress you make. Keeping the big picture in mind will maintain your motivation and focus. This is a time of making things happen, with each step building confidence and momentum along your path. Important communication will boost your spirits, it may be from someone you haven’t heard from in a while. They have something important to say and it propels things forward in your connection.

Leo (Six of Pentacles)
It’s all about the equal exchange of energy in relationships this week. Do you give too much because you don’t feel worthy of receiving? Manage your energy with discernment, especially with those who have a history of constantly drawing on your time, energy and other resources without giving back. Constantly giving causes imbalance and can block the energy of receiving. It may be time to put some healthy boundaries in place and lovingly enforce them. Hold your energy back from some people and you will see more clearly the dynamics at work in those relationships. Of course, never lose sight of the fact that some people are giving to us in their love language. It may not be the way we would prefer, but it is there and if we can be grateful that it is showing up, rather than getting caught up in how, this will go a long way to bringing healing and closeness to your connections.

Virgo (Four of Wands)
This is a time of celebration as your life is elevating to a new level of connection with people in your soul tribe. This is also a sign of a major rite of passage or significant personal achievement. The spiritual guidance you have followed as a result of listening to your inner wisdom is the foundation of all you are rejoicing and celebrating at this time. Keep your vibe high and expect to attract more wonderful experiences to you in the delightful way only the universe can provide. A solid foundation in relationships is established this week too, bringing a feeling of stability and security for the future. You may even magnetise that special person right now, and it could be a deep soul connection with someone with whom you can journey through life. The next New Moon in Cancer on 6th July is a portal into this energy and you can trust that the universe is aligning you to your highest timeline, in love and career.

Libra (Knight of Cups)
Prepare for a heartfelt offer this week! The exhilarating highs of love and romance feature in your world this week and a special connection may make your heart sing. Someone may show you just how lovable you are and how much they appreciate you. Thoughtful deeds and gestures of love are all around you this week. If you already have a significant other you may share an experience which makes you fall more deeply in love with your person. Love is your currency this week, give it without expecting anything in return. Believe that you deserve to receive love too, and know it can show up in many different ways. Someone who is romantic, caring and sensitive may be significant to you this week, most likely a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. A surprise loving gesture, or message, brings emotional connection with someone special.

Scorpio (The Hanged One)
The universe is putting you in a temporary pause this week. Whatever significant thing you are thinking of doing is either not fully formed or the wrong timing. You will need to gain a deeper understanding of unseen factors in a particular situation so you can know how to proceed. Magical avenues open up when you expand your awareness beyond the physical and tangible world to the unseen, ethereal and world of soul, spirit and higher realms. You are experiencing  a situation in the 3D that may be confusing or perplexing, and the universe is putting you in The Hanged Man so you can gain a spiritual perspective on it. Things will become clearer when you surrender the problem to the cosmos. Don’t try to force it, flow is your super power this week!

Sagittarius (The Empress)
Get ready for a week of sensuality, feeling good in your body and delighting in the pleasure of all your senses. Settle into your feminine energy of flow, receiving, accepting and allowing, rather than driving, chasing or forcing. Allow your creativity to shine through this week too. You are in the ideal environment to birth something new into your reality. Creativity exists in many different forms so whatever activity brings you joy and takes you out of your head is highlighted this week. It will activate your sacral chakra, bringing a sense of fun and play into your life which boosts your energy. Let go of inhibitions and have fun, it’ll work wonders for your soul. Do something your body will enjoy. Your value is on the rise this week too, don’t allow others to diminish it! The Empress never settles for anything less than what she deserves.

Capricorn (The Magician)
Things are turning a corner for you this week, Cappy. After a long period of challenging energy, finally you feel you have the confidence to step out and make things happen. You will need to draw on all the tools in your inner toolbox to create the perfect energetic recipe this week. That means starting with a thought, an intention, charging it with feelings of what it would be like to have the thing/experience, then do whatever you can in a practical sense to set the manifestation process into action. Finally, release it to the universe to figure out the how and when. Your thoughts are powerful this week and you may receive information that sparks an idea into motion. Clinging to a particular outcome blocks Divine flow this week, so allow the universe to work its magic by trusting in cosmic timing. This is how you reclaim your power and tap into your manifesting mojo!

Aquarius (Two of Swords)
There may be an issue that you don’t want to face this week. Are you refusing to see a situation clearly? You hold the key to your mental clarity by getting in touch with the truth via your emotions. You can try all you like to sweep it under the carpet and convince yourself that something is the way you want it to be, but your feelings know the truth. You know what’s going on and you need to face up to it, otherwise your head and heart will continue to be in discord and that is not a healthy state to be in. Once you reach this place of being at peace with your truth, you will know what to do to resolve situations that are in a state of tension. And the decision you need to make will naturally emerge. Trust that the right words will come at the right time!

Pisces (Five of Swords)
You may say something you regret this week, or act in haste because you just don’t have the mental bandwidth to cope. Your mind is a powerful tool this week and there may be the tendency to self-sabotage and spiral into pessimism because of insecurity or self-doubt. Sometimes it’s easier to create a conflict scenario in your head rather than be vulnerable with someone and risk rejection. There is a certain safety in the separation and distance, especially if you are in an emotional dip. The key here is to ride the emotional wave, either yours or someone else’s, and wait until you are in calmer waters before making a decision or taking action. It’s best for everyone, especially you.

Soul Scopes 8-14 July 2024