These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) sign for a full insight into your week ahead.


Aries (Six of Pentacles)
A spirit of gratitude imbues your words and actions this week and this invites abundance into your life. If you have a tendency to be a giver, be prepared to receive! Charitable giving is also indicated, whether through a donation of money or time, your abundant energy and spirit overflows to others, thus reinforcing the gratitude-abundance cycle. Giving and receiving in equal measure is the main theme of this week. Manage your energy with discernment, especially with those who have a record of constantly taking up your time, energy and other resources. It may be time to say no!

Taurus (Three of Swords)
If you have been analysing, thinking and ruminating ย over a situation it is now time to release it to the past, with love. Let go of the energy of past disappointments, sadness and grief to embrace a positive, new direction of hope in your heart. It is important to also forgive yourself for your role in all situations where you acted out of guilt, shame, regret or fear. Now is the time to release it from every cell in your body, and let it ย Releasing past pain, hurt and trauma is intense so be gentle with your heart and soul. Give yourself time to process and energetically cleanse with a deep knowing that you are creating a container in which to receive more joyful experiences in your life. It is time to leave this behind once and for all.

Gemini (Three of Cups)
There will be something to celebrate that brings you emotional happiness and connection with those you love and cherish. If youโ€™ve been too focused on work, this is the time to reach out and connect with others and prioritise friendships and close connections. Find enjoyment in social connections โ€“ even those with whom you work. Taking the time to connect with colleagues on a personal level will strengthen your professional relationships and increase productivity. The clear message this week is to experience fun with others! Close friendships which provide you with emotional comfort and a sense of belonging are important this week. You may also discover a new soul family connection too. How wonderful! Revel in the emotional nourishment of friends who celebrate you and everything you are!

Cancer (Knight of Swords)
This week plans take off quickly and you are fuelled by intellectual pursuits and insightful communication. You have the ability to think on your feet and make confident decisions which will come in handy as an unexpected situation may arise this week. Donโ€™t be pressured into an impulsive decision, gather as much information as you can in the time you have and use your rational brain to make your choice. Logic and dispassionate objectivity prevail over emotional responses this week. Look after your mental state this week by feeding your mind with words of kindness and inspiration. Then, start to believe they are true. You may need to cut cords to release someone energetically from your life. As hard as it is, trust it is necessary for your path. Someone strong minded, witty and educated may reach out to communicate their truth with you this week. A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius type could also be significant to you.

Leo (The Moon)
There is more going on in a situation than you may be aware. Things are not clear so you will need to gather more information and process it through an intuitive lens to gain clarity. Decisions made in haste without having all the facts will only create further problems. Look beneath surface behaviour to the true source. ย are also invited to sit with your light and shadow this week too. We all have both aspects and this is what makes us human! If you are going deeper into shadow work, invoke Archangel Haniel to help you to process emotions and past life wounds which may be contributing to your current experience. What you are scared of the most is actually where your greatest power lies. Be comfortable in the grey this week, trusting in the power of your emotional body to show you the truth and look to the Moon cycle for timing.

Virgo (Nine of Swords)
You may experience fear, worry or anxiety this week. This is something you believe is out of your control and your thoughts have become obsessive about finding a way out. You are encouraged to comfort yourself with the mindset that you are open to the outcome that is for your best and highest good. You must do all you can in a situation then surrender to the higher power to work out the details of when and how it will be resolved. When you do this, you step into universal flow and allow things to unfold as they need to โ€“ this removes the need to do head miles over things you canโ€™t control. Worry only creates more worry. Once you shift into your higher perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you, never against.

Libra (Knight of Cups)
You will experience the exhilarating highs of love, lust and passion this week and someone may make your heart flutter. There is a peak love experience for you and a strong feeling of intimacy in committed relationships. An invitation to a social event could lift your mood and if you are single, you could meet someone with romantic potential or you may come across love in another form such as poetry, dancing or receiving an unexpected gift. Grand gestures of love are what itโ€™s all about for you this week and if you already have a significant other you may share an experience which makes you fall in love all over again. It is also important to acknowledge and honour your emotional spectrum this week. Allow your heart to operate only from love and see each person as perfect, who they really are underneath the facade. Someone who is passionate, romantic and sensitive may be significant to you this week, most likely a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces! A surprise loving gesture will rock your world.

Scorpio (The Hanging Man)
This week the universe is asking you to stop, reflect on your world from a different perspective and surrender to Divine timing! Step outside the box and embrace different ways of doing things and resolving problems, knowing that everything is already perfect according to Divine planning. You will need to gain a deeper understanding of unseen factors in all situations this week, and your intuitive senses are powerful. You can see beyond surface factors to understand the bigger forces at play. Trust it. Dreams provide insights and future visions this week. Magical avenues open up when you expand your awareness beyond the physical and tangible world to the unseen, ethereal and world of soul, spirit and higher realms. New pathways and approaches come to light regarding your soul purpose and relationships. Take the higher love aspect with any conflict or disagreement no matter how right you think you are. Compassion is your super power this week!

Sagittarius (Ace of Cups)
There is a peak emotional experience on offer this week. This could be falling in love with someone or renewing the romance in a current relationship. It could be saying yes to something that feels emotionally nourishing or allowing your heart to connect inward to self-love. If you have had an intuitive feeling to pursue something you love, a passion project or something that will bring you emotional fulfilment, the Angels are giving you a big wink and a nod! This week your motto is โ€œIf it feels right, it is!โ€ You may experience a flood of psychic insights this week too and you can trust them deeply. Open your heart to new emotional experiences. It is safe to be vulnerable and share your deepest feelings. Someone may declare their love for you!

Capricorn (Queen of Pentacles)
This week you are rich with abundant energy and surrounded by people and beautiful environments which amplify this. Making the effort to enjoy time with other people, either at work or home, will be a pleasure for you. You may also be inspired to beautify your surroundings too. You are resourceful with money and confident in your leadership abilities. Practical advice you provide to others this week also applies to you! Your ability to manifest this week is strong too, through practical action steps. Do something nurturing and pampering for yourself this week. Time in nature may also be needed to re-energise your body. Someone generous, practical and mature may be significant to you this week โ€“ a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. A great week to listen to and honour your body. It holds your spirit after all!

Aquarius (The Empress)
Same message for you again this week, Aquarius. You have another opportunity to feel into the energy of The Empress. Think Nigella Lawson! Get ready for a week of sensuality, feeling good in your body and delighting in the pleasure of all your senses. Settle into your feminine energy of flow, receiving, accepting and allowing, rather than driving, chasing or forcing. Allow your creativity to shine through this week, you are in the ideal environment to birth something new into your reality. Creativity exists in many different forms so whatever creative activity brings you joy must be prioritised this week. It will activate your sacral chakra, bringing a sense of fun and play into your life which boosts your health and relationships. Let go of inhibitions and have fun, itโ€™ll work wonders for your soul.

Pisces (Two of Wands)
The steps you take this week to progress your career or life purpose are on track. If youโ€™ve been considering forming a partnership with someone who shares your vision and passion, this is a very positive move. You are completely supported in making bold and ambitious choices now, and it is up to you to make it happen! Negotiations run smoothly and you can forge ahead with plans with great courage and hope for the future. And remember, setbacks are the universeโ€™s way of nudging you toward a better path or signalling that the timing isnโ€™t right, so view these as positive developments. You are on the way to fulfilling your passion and soul purpose. Embrace all opportunities with optimism and plan the path ahead using your instincts. Collaborations move forward on a wave of inspiration and creativity!

Wishing you the most wonderful week ahead!

Love Marion xxx

Soul Scopes 4-10 April 2022