These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) sign for full picture insight.


Aries (Three of Ariel)
Success is yours this week with good planning and collaboration. You will have an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and capabilities in a team environment to achieve a common goal. This is a time of significant growth in your career, to do something that can be soulfully and financially rewarding. You can confidently bring people together to solve problems and create synergy for group activities and outcomes. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this week. Your work provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment and you realise it is possible to derive financial prosperity from doing what you love. This is an ideal time to take action on those creative projects which have been bubbling away in your mind but have yet to land. Imperfect action now will allow you to iterate, refine and grow this idea into a very special offering. Get to it!

Taurus (Page of Gabriel)
News of an exciting new opportunity may land in your lap week and the Angels are encouraging you to wholeheartedly embrace it, even if you think youโ€™re not ready. This will spark your creativity and adventurous spirit and youโ€™ll be inspired to take action toward bringing a passion or dream to fruition. What are you being called to do? Itโ€™s time for your uniqueness and inventiveness to shine through. Embrace challenges and pursue your passions with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. This new venture may involve some form of study or connection to a mentor who can guide you further along the path. This is a wonderful opportunity to align spiritual guidance and inspired action to achieve magical resonance. Get creative and explore all possibilities and potential. Record your inspirational ideas. Someone energetic, brave, optimistic and playful may be significant to you this week โ€“ an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Gemini (The Chariot)
Focus on the outcome you want to achieve this week and apply tenacity to get there. There is much to achieve on the work and home fronts and at times it will feel easy, while at other times you will need sheer willpower and determination just to complete simple tasks. Whatever distractions come your way this week, focus on forward motion no matter how much you may want to crawl into your cave and hide. This is the ideal week to apply for or accept a promotion especially if it involves stepping into a leadership role. ย It is important to strike balance with your emotions this week too, by keeping to a routine, getting enough rest, and not allowing the drama of others to take you off course. Tact and diplomacy are essential in all of your interactions. Lots of activities will require you to be super organised and adopt a take-charge approach to make progress.

Cancer (Ace of Michael)
New ideas and ingenious solutions to problems will be presented to you this week so get your pen and paper ready to record everything! Take notice of those messages that come to you as internal voices or inner-knowings as this is Divine guidance coming directly to you. Donโ€™t allow fear and worry to hinder your plans, move faster than the speed of disbelief and consciously co-design with the universe. The key here is to stop over-thinking potential outcomes and instead focus your mind on the present. Adjust your course based on current experiences, not old thought patterns. If you believe you should take a new direction or approach to something, trust that insight and move forward to develop the idea further. Clear communication is also essential this week, if there are misunderstandings, sort them out without delay. This is a wonderful week to be in your head!

Leo (Nine of Ariel)
Revel in the beauty of life this week by tapping into your elemental, playful energy. Appreciate all of the delights our beautiful Mother Earth provides, and her innate intelligence that connects us to the Divine. If you have put a lot of energy into your work it is now time to relax, rejuvenate and play. Physical touch, aromatherapy, sound therapy or simply just immersing your feet in grass or sand will help to anchor this energy in your body. Spending time in nature will also provide contentment and a stronger feeling of well-being. Successful self-employment is also indicated, so if you have been considering establishing your own business, be reassured that you already have all of the necessary skills and resources to bring this to fruition. By appreciating the beauty in everything around you, your imagination is ignited and this raises your vibration to attract new streams of abundance. Weave yourself into the rich tapestry of life. No more denying yourself simple pleasures!

Virgo (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or life path comes into sharper focus this week. Archangel Gabriel is asking you to embrace it with inspiration and optimism. This is your chance to create something truly amazing, starting this week. Gabriel is the Angel of communication and, ing with your ruler Mercury, the cosmos is lining up a special passion project related to speaking, writing, listening, publishing, perception, conversation, teaching or learning. Take imperfect action this week, starting with the spark of inspiration and fuel it with soul light so it burns brighter. This is the start of a new interest or person entering your life that will energise your spirit. Enjoy the exhilaration this brings!

Libra (Eight of Michael)
You may be doing head miles over a situation and the more you focus on it, the more tangled your mind becomes. Donโ€™t look for the solution to come from an external source โ€“ it lies within. You have the wisdom inside you to determine the right course of action and free yourself from mental fog. The trick is to quiet your mind and allow low-vibe thoughts to float away. Obsessing only blocks the flow of assistance from the universe. There are some things you cannot control, especially the decisions of others. Fixating on an outcome diminishes your power. Give your worries to Archangel Michael and allow creative solutions to flow into your consciousness. These solutions will release you from a situation that currently has you feeling trapped. Use your free will to change your experience of this situation. Choose a more peaceful path for YOU. Sometimes letting go is best. If something is meant to be yours it will find its way (back) to you.

Scorpio (Ten of Ariel)
Youโ€™ll feel extremely blessed this week as you experience a very happy home life with positive energy around health and finances. Invest in areas that bring you a sense of security and belonging. Also, donโ€™t wait for retirement to begin living. Sure, make a plan for your future, but not at the expense of joy in the present. This is the perfect time to work on your hobbies and interests outside of work, those activities that bring pure fun and joy into your energy field. In relationships, you are about to be rewarded for all of the effort and energy you have put into them. You will find things that you have nurtured emotionally, mentally and spiritually coming to fruition this week. Wonderful! If you are considering starting a family business, material and spiritual rewards are indicated. With all this optimism, stability and abundance, there is so much to be grateful for. Give yourself permission to feel content and happy!

Sagittarius (Five of Raphael)
Regret, guilt, shame, resentment or disappointment can keep you in an emotional holding pattern. You can wallow for a time, as it is important to acknowledge how you are feeling about a situation or person, but ultimately it is unhealthy to hang on to those feelings as they can remain in your body causing discomfort and dis-ease. Feel gratitude for the learning you have obtained from this situation and this will help you to move forward and create the space for new, positive experiences to enter your life. Everything happens for a reason and you did the best you could at the time under the circumstances. You did what you know in your heart was the right thing and you canโ€™t control how others respond. Allow these feelings to move through and out of your body, and embrace life again. Cry, yell, write, dance, run, box, sweat โ€“ any movement will help to release trapped emotions. Being human isnโ€™t easy sometimes, but our most painful experiences are designed to propel us further into being the best version of ourselves. Youโ€™ve got this!

Capricorn (Six of Michael)
This week presents an opportunity to take charge of your healing journey by attending to your mind and its role in creating a state of well-being. Healing on a mental level will take place, so if youโ€™ve been doing head miles over a particular situation, this will dissipate as you focus your thoughts and energy on making new plans and enacting new ideas. This week is also a good time to make changes to any area of your life, especially clearing out limiting beliefs and out-dated attitudes as conditions are favourable for you to let go of the old and transition a new state of mind. Guided meditations are helpful this week as they take you out of anxiety and into the present moment. Connecting with your higher self is critical for healing. Enjoy the now, knowing that your thoughts, dreams and inner-knowing are guiding you in the right direction. Invoke Archangel Michael for guidance and know that you are never alone with your spirit team always willing and ready to assist. Mental clarity and calm are your goals this week.

Aquarius (Epiphany)
Take time out this week to tend to your inner world, find your still centre, and listen to your inner voice. Meditation is essential to connect with your team of angels and guides this week. You will receive guidance on how you can best be of service to others and align with your higher purpose. Your wisdom also lights the path for others this week and you may begin to see yourself as a spiritual coach or mentor. There is a stream of universal knowledge that will advance your spiritual development and answers to perplexing situations may spontaneously appear. Call upon Archangel Raziel to guide you in the process of connecting with your inner wisdom and trusting the messages you receive. Your mind, body, spirit connection is strong this week. It is all within you, there is no need to look externally for validation. Calm your mind and connect to the messages your soul and body are communicating. The force is strong with you this week!

Pisces (Queen of Gabriel)
Express your passion, creativity and boldness this week. Leave doubt and insecurity behind. Success this week comes through following your instincts and having supreme confidence in your capabilities. Others will find your enthusiasm irresistible and will want to spend time in your energy. Your creativity is amplified this week, so if there is a hobby or interest you have been meaning to do for a while, this is the week to pour energy into it and possibly even grow it into a full blown business venture. This will energise your spirit and align you with your divine purpose and path in life. Someone passionate, independent, warm and spontaneous may be significant โ€“ an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You can accomplish anything this week โ€“ go after what you want. Your creativity and problem-solving skills are on point. Allow your creative genius to shine!

Wishing you a magical week ahead!

Love Marion xxx



Soul Scopes 28 Feb – 6 Mar 2022