These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (Eight of Cups)
This week, seek out the company of people that nourish you emotionally and spiritually. There is a need to move on from situations that no longer uplift you and now is the time to secure a new emotional future. Your feelings are serving you well in helping you decide what is right for you. When you walk away from people who are selfish and don’t support you, you set a standard for the types of people you attract into your life. Share more of your emotional side with people you trust. This could be challenging, but well worth the investment in your emotional health and relationships. A change in your job or relationships is also possible this week. It’s not that you’re running away from something, rather moving toward something better for your soul. It’s time to release  people or situations you have outgrown. Be true to your feelings.

Taurus (Three of Pentacles)
Success is yours this week with good planning and collaboration. You will have an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and capabilities in a team environment to achieve a common goal. This is a time of significant growth in your skills and talents and to be of service to others. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this week. Your work provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment and you realise it is possible to derive financial prosperity from doing what you love. This is an ideal time to take action on those creative projects which have been bubbling away in your mind but have yet to land in reality. Imperfect action now will allow you to iterate, refine and grow this idea into a very special offering that will also expand your capabilities. Get to it!

Gemini (The Sun)
Just like the Sun, you are filled with light, warmth, optimism and joy this week which provides you with a strong sense of confidence and a boost of  life force energy. Shine your light as bright as it can be this week! Allow your warmth to bring light and joy to everyone who comes into your energy field. You may feel strong enough to address a situation that has been dimming your light for some time. Embrace your divinity and allow the sun to warm up those places within you that you have kept hidden. Illumination will be brought to an uncertain situation this week, bringing new growth and opportunities. Bring out your inner child to play this week! Bask in your own glorious light.

Cancer (Three of Cups)
There will be something to celebrate that brings you emotional happiness and connection with those you love and cherish. If you’ve been too focused on work, this is the time to reach out and connect with others and prioritise friendships and close connections. Find enjoyment in social connections – even those with whom you work. Taking the time to connect with colleagues on a personal level will strengthen your professional relationships and increase productivity. The clear message this week is to experience fun with others! Close friendships which provide you with emotional comfort and a sense of belonging are important this week. You may also discover a new soul family connection too. Revel in the emotional nourishment of soul brothers and sisters who celebrate you and everything you are!

Leo (Two of Cups)
Romance is in the air! There is the opportunity to meet kindred spirits and, for singles, you may experience the potential of a friendship blossoming into an emotionally fulfilling romantic connection. This may be with someone quite different to you, a counterpart that complements your energy in the most magical way. Ditch the list! With all of this love energy surrounding you this week you have the ability to bring conflicts to a positive resolution and heal broken hearts. A spirit of cooperation guides all of your interactions, particularly with your significant other and you will be able to communicate without words. Sharing your feelings is important too as it will bring you closer and strengthen your emotional bond. Approach all situations with an open heart. Choose being happy over being right and embrace the magic that unfolds. Heart connections are your most important priority this week and vulnerability is your key to contentment. Love is, actually, all around!

Virgo (Six of Wands)
When was the last time you praised yourself? A long time ago, eh Virgo? This week the cosmos is nudging you become familiar with self-praise. There are things you have achieved that you should rightly be proud of. Also, reward and recognition from others are yours and a sense of victory is around you this week. You will finally be appreciated and acknowledged for all you do! This is all about swimming in the energy of deservingness. You are more capable than you realise. Yes, your work may be more behind the scenes but it doesn’t mean it is less valuable. When you value and celebrate your contribution and the milestones along the way, others will too!

Libra (Two of Pentacles)
There are many tasks to juggle this week, so your best approach is to focus on the highest priority ones and leave the rest to others, or another time. Planning ahead and being realistic about what you can achieve this week are critical to your success. You may find decisions are best made outside of work, so try a more creative approach to getting things done and allow the ah-ha moments to naturally bubble up into your heart and mind. Take yourself out in nature or move your body in some way with playful activities, which heighten your intuitive receptivity. Don’t try to force things this week. Fun increases productivity, keeps you in flow and boosts your health so change it up when you’re feeling creatively stifled and allow the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place synchronistically. Divine timing in is play here.

Scorpio (Five of Pentacles)
There is a need to put practical measures in place to address a financial, work or health matter this week. If you have been trying to resolve an issue on your own, it may be time to seek assistance. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Once you turn your energy to focusing on a solution that involves assistance from others, including your angels and guides, your situation will improve. It is important not to dwell on your weaknesses and catastrophise situations from a victim mindset. Raise your vibration to the energy of hope and optimism, and trust that you will be led to the right people for assistance. Intuitive counselling and energy healing may assist. Remember that in addition to support from people, you have a team of guardian angels and guides who are ready to assist on a spiritual level. It’s time to accept that you can’t do this on your own. Reach out this week and allow in help from others. What you need to be healthy and happy is completely within your power!

Sagittarius (Knight of Cups)
You will experience the exhilarating highs of love, lust and passion this week and someone may make your heart flutter. There is a peak love experience for you and a strong feeling of intimacy in committed relationships. An invitation to a social event could lift your mood and if you are single, you could meet someone with romantic potential or you may come across love in another form such as poetry, dancing or receiving an unexpected gift. Grand gestures of love are what it’s all about for you this week and if you already have a significant other you may share an experience which makes you fall in love all over again. It is also important to acknowledge and honour your emotional spectrum this week. Allow your heart to operate only from love and see each person as perfect, who they really are underneath the facade. Someone who is passionate, romantic and sensitive may be significant to you this week, most likely a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces! A surprise loving gesture will rock your world.

Capricorn (The World)
This week is a time to reset and embrace a new cycle of growth and personal power. What do you need to do, or let go of, to take your life to the next level? It is time to close out this cycle and begin anew. You can start this new cycle with optimism knowing that all you have learned about yourself and the world will allow you to build from a solid foundation and new level of awareness. You know yourself on a deeper level and understand your unique place in the world better than ever. The universe will surprise you in the most delightful way when you take action to align with your highest purpose, led by soul whispers. What served you in the past is no longer needed and the universe is now guiding you to the next path. Move forward with confidence that you are held in cosmic love, wisdom, truth and power.

Aquarius (Seven of Swords)
The truth of a situation or person is revealed to you this week. This could be someone confessing to you about what really happened in a particular situation that has left you confused. This is nothing to be concerned about. The advice from the universe is to not take it as a personal affront. Others’ actions have nothing to do with you. Sure, someone may have acted from a place of fear, and it may have angered or hurt you, but they are human and make mistakes, as we all do. Your job this week is to hold space, listen without judgement and graciously accept any apologies that come your way. Speaking your truth will attract new allies this week as you step more potently into your voice. Trust that the truth will always move you in the best direction, even if it causes discomfort. Welcome the freedom that truth brings.

Pisces (Five of Swords)
A situation may not have worked out the way you hoped and you now have a decision to make about how, or if, you will proceed, especially as it appears that someone’s intent is in question. Ego has caused them to act selfishly, so now you must decide if you can find a win-win situation or completely let it go. Take stock of the situation from a logical point of view. If the cost of continuing is too high, because you don’t believe the other person will take responsibility for their words or actions, you are better to take the lessons and move on. There is also self-sabotage energy around you this week. You will know this because your energy will contract rather than expand. Letting go of situations that dim your light or pull you into lower vibrational energy is necessary to relieve mental stress this week, that includes any unkind words you may say or fearful actions you may fall into this week due to insecurity. These are all false. You know your true power. The Soul knows only love.

Wishing you a deeply connected week ahead!

Love Marion xxx

Soul Scopes 25 April – 1 May 2022