These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (Seven of Cups)
This card represents the energy of Venus in Scorpio. Venus is all about value and Scorpio challenges us to face our fears. You will need to make a decision this week but you may feel less than deserving of what is on offer. The course of action you must take is the one that feels right for you, not what society or other people believe is acceptable or is from a place of diminishing your value. Trust your emotional compass to guide you this week, it is pointing you in the direction of your highest good to get you to honour your value. It may be the case that others see your value more than you do. If it is something you have wanted, trust your feelings, they always lead you down the right path, even if it seems like you’re not ready. The universe never offers us anything we are not ready for. This is your future self you are being asked to embrace now and as you focus on what you truly love and are passionate about, the more your destined path will be revealed.

Taurus (The High Priestess)
The nudges, gut feelings and intuitive whispers you experience will provide powerful psychic insights this week. You can trust them without doubt. Your feelings will be the conduit of the most reliable information. If you get a gentle feeling or knowingness about a situation or person trust it completely. You have the ability to see what others cannot, beyond the veil, and you can take great comfort in knowing that your intuitive feelings are your truth, regardless of what you may be experiencing in your 3D reality.  Take comfort in your higher knowing. Your intuitive power is your best friend this week, it knows the truth. The High Priestess sees all, but knows it is sometimes best to keep quiet and allow the truth to become evident in time, especially with people who are uncomfortable admitting the truth. Something you knew was going to happen will come to fruition this week, proving that your intuition is a friend you can always count on.

Gemini (Four of Swords)
This is a week of mental rest and retreat in order to rejuvenate yourself and reconnect with your heart. This is especially important if you have been experiencing any stress or worry lately. Taking time out will help you to work through options for anything that may be troubling you. Solutions will come through flashes of inspiration or ideas that pop into your head seemingly from nowhere. Whatever it is you do to healthily wind down and quiet your mind is essential for you this week. Carve out time in your schedule to seek relief from stress and get extra sleep this week if possible. Mental rest and recuperation are needed to reignite your hope and positive outlook on life. Everything seems better when you can shut down your overactive mind and have faith that everything is working out exactly as it is meant to, using your heart as your guide.

Cancer (Nine of Swords)
You may experience mental restlessness this week by trying to resolve a situation in your mind. It’s natural to think about a situation when it’s confusing or out of your control. Worry only creates a vicious cycle of more worry. Once you shift into a higher perspective of how you see the situation, you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you. Your mind is a powerful tool but in this case the resolution lies in the spiritual realm, so there’s really no point in ruminating any longer. Clear your mind, focus on what you can control and get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep only makes things seem worse than they are. Do whatever you can to relieve mental clutter.

Leo (The Hanged One)
The universe is putting you in a temporary pause this week. Whatever significant thing you are thinking of doing is either not fully formed or the wrong timing. You will need to gain a deeper understanding of unseen factors in a particular situation so you can know how to proceed. Magical avenues open up when you expand your awareness beyond the physical and tangible world to the unseen, ethereal and world of soul, spirit and higher realms. You are experiencing  a situation in the 3D that may be confusing or perplexing, and the universe is putting you in The Hanged Man so you can gain a spiritual perspective on it. Things will become clearer when you surrender the problem to the cosmos. Don’t try to force it, flow is your super power this week!

Virgo (Eight of Swords)
This card reflects the energy of Jupiter in Gemini. In the shadow aspect, you are allowing your mind to get in the way of what your soul is calling you to do. You may even be manifesting blocks in your life because you hold unconscious negative beliefs about your potential or your greatness. The message is to get out of your own way by reframing the limiting belief and focusing on doing the thing you are holding yourself back from. Jupiter is assisting you at this time to move beyond your comfort zone, to expand your mind into believing that you are capable of, and ready for, more. The mind work you begin this week will set you up to shift out of anxiety and worry, for good, but it’s going to take dedication to cultivate a new approach to life that brings you into your body and the power of now. Anxiety is a future projection which has not yet eventuated. With a new way of thinking, you can relieve your mental pressure and find peace in knowing you can handle any situation that comes your way.

Libra (Two of Pentacles)
There are many tasks to juggle this week, so your best approach is to focus on the highest priority ones and leave the rest to others, or another time. Planning ahead and being realistic about what you can achieve this week are critical to your success. It’s all about figuring out the path of least resistance and flowing with wherever that energy wants to flow. Don’t try to force things this week, it’s important to remain flexible because sometimes the way we think things need to be done is not the most beneficial or successful approach. Inject creativity and fun into your plans this week and marvel at how all of the pieces to fall magically into place without any significant additional energy from you. Trust in your ability to figure it out. You always do!

Scorpio (Knight of Pentacles)
A deliberate, measured pace and due diligence is required this week, but mostly it’s about doing things in your own time. Take things one step at a time in an orderly manner, according to your plan and your energy levels. If you have a tendency to ruminate and over-think, it will be important to process information and feelings through your body this week, rather than your mind. Your body’s wisdom is guiding your next steps now and there is no rush. If you feel good and grounded you know it’s the right decision. Your guides are close and helping you get started with a long term commitment or project. This is all about the long game, stay with it and don’t give up! Financial matters are now in focus and you may need to make some practical adjustments to bring stability and prosperity in this area. Think long term.

Sagittarius (Nine of Pentacles)
This is a time to celebrate your independence and exude inner confidence. You have reached a place of mastery and there is a sense of being able to manage your life with the expectation of success. You are self-sufficient and have all the resources you need to be successful in any endeavour you put your energy into. You are comfortable in your own skin and not bound by the opinions or judgements of others. You are free to take your life in any direction you choose now as you have perfected the art of manifestation to draw the right people and experiences to you that will propel you along your evolutionary path. In this energy of knowing your value, you attract opportunities and people to you who will deeply enrich your life. This is all about being grateful for who you are and where you are in life right now!

Capricorn (Ace of Pentacles)
This week there is a fresh start in your physical and material world. Abundance now flows in the form of money, time or energy to assist you in the physical realm. This is the ideal week to begin a new venture which is aligned to a higher purpose and provides a new source of income. A new job or promotion is also indicated, something that brings you more security in the long term. A breakthrough in your physical health is also indicated this week. This is an ideal time to make an investment, to commit to something long lasting that your future self will thank you for. The cosmos is guiding you to see and receive new streams of prosperity that bring stability, security and a peaceful easy feeling to your life.

Aquarius (King of Wands)
This week there is no holding back. This is a time of creating more freedom in your life, to take charge and go beyond your self-imposed limitations. You may need to step into a leadership role in your work or personal life this week. You have the energy, drive and experience to accomplish your mission! Fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and get your creative offerings out into the world. Focusing on the big picture will carry you through any minor hurdles this week. Remain optimistic and open to different avenues to create the momentum needed to drive forward. This is not the week to take no for an answer. In fact, you’re more likely to be the one saying no to anyone who tries to block you! Someone warm, generous, passionate and driven may be prominent in your life this week – possibly an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius or someone with these signs strongly placed in their chart. It’s time to step into your authentic leadership. You are here to inspire others this week.

Pisces (Two of Cups)
Romance and love are in the air this week! There is the opportunity to meet kindred spirits or form an emotionally fulfilling romantic connection. This may be with someone quite different to you, a counterpart that complements your energy in the most magical way. You will feel like your best self with this person, they see into your soul and just get you. Sharing your feelings is important as it will bring you closer and strengthen your emotional bond. Approach all situations with an open heart and allow your love to flow. Choose being happy over being right and embrace the magic that unfolds. Heart connections are your most important priority this week and vulnerability is your key to contentment. You know who you can be emotionally safe with, you have a very special and enduring connection, spanning lifetimes. It is safe for you to love!

Soul Scopes 24-30 June 2024