These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign and/or Moon sign for deeper insight.


Aries (The Sun)
Just like the Sun, you are filled with light, warmth, optimism and joy this week which provides you with a strong sense of confidence and a boost of ย life force energy. Archangel Uriel is guiding you to own your power and shine your light with magnificence. Allow your warmth to bring positivity and confidence to others too. You may feel strong enough to address a situation that has been dimming your light for some time. Embrace your divinity and allow the sun to warm up those places within you that you have kept hidden. Illumination will be brought to an uncertain situation this week, bringing new growth and opportunities. Maintain a positive outlook and you will experience the universal flow of perfect timing, synchronicity and helpful people. Connecting with your inner child is important to generateย creative and joyful experiences. It is all about you this week. Bask in your own glorious light!

Taurusย (Ace of Raphael)
There is a peak emotional experience on offer this week. This could be falling in love with someone or renewing the romance in a current relationship. It could be saying yes to something that feels emotionally nourishing or allowing your heart to connect inward to self-love. If you have had an intuitive feeling to pursue something you love, a passion project or something that will bring you emotional fulfilment, the Angels are giving you a big wink and a nod! This week your motto is โ€œIf it feels right, it is!โ€ You may experience a flood of psychic insights this week too and you can trust them deeply. Open your heart to new emotional experiences. It is safe to be vulnerable and share your deepest feelings.

Gemini (Epiphany)
Take time out this week to tend to your inner world, find your still centre, and listen to your inner voice. Meditation is essential to connect with your team of angels and guides this week. You will receive guidance on how you can best be of service to others and align with your higher purpose. Your wisdom also lights the path for others this week and you may begin to see yourself as a spiritual coach or mentor. There is a stream of universal knowledge that will advance your spiritual development and answers to perplexing situations may spontaneously appear. Call upon Archangel Raziel to guide you in the process of connecting with your inner wisdom and trusting the messages you receive. Your mind, body, spirit connection is strong this week. It is all within you, there is no need to look externally for validation. Calm your mind and connect to the messages your soul and body are communicating. The force is strong with you this week!

Cancer (The High Priestess)
It is important to pay attention to your intuition this week as you will receive powerful psychic insights. Take the time to consider your feelings about situations and people and allow your intuitive senses to guide you in all circumstances โ€“ if it feels right, trust it. Ask for guidance from Archangel Haniel to assist you in reaching an intuitive decision about a course of action and have full trust that you will always be guided to what you need at the right time. Your passed loved ones are close to you at this time and you may receive visitation through meditation or dreams this week to let you know they are close, through familiar feelings or scents. Reflection and meditation are essential to re-set your internal compass and connect with your psychic self this week. You can completely trust the Divine messages you receive when you create sacred space for connection to universal truth. Intuition trumps logic this week.

Leo (Nine of Michael)
You may experience fear, worry or anxiety this week. This is something you believe is out of your control and your thoughts have become obsessive about finding a way out. You are encouraged to project your thoughts toward the outcome that is for your best and highest good. You must do all you can in a situation then surrender to the higher power to work out the details of when and how it will be resolved. When you do this, you step into universal flow and allow things to unfold as they need to โ€“ this removes the need to do head miles over things you canโ€™t control. Be open to receiving guidance and healing from Archangel Michael about this situation, and take particular note of your dreams as there are Divine messages being presented to you as potential solutions. Once you shift into a spiritual perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you, never against.

Virgo (The Moon)
There is more than meets the eye with a situation this week. Things are not clear so you will need to gather more information and process it through an intuitive lens to gain clarity. Decisions made in haste without having all the facts will only create further problems. You are also invited to sit with your light and shadow this week too. We all have both aspects and this is what makes us human! If you are going deeper into shadow work, invoke Archangel Haniel to help you to process emotions and past life wounds which may be contributing to your current experience. What you are scared of the most is actually where your greatest power lies. Trust that your true nature and intuition will illuminate a safe path through all experiences this week. Be comfortable in the grey, trusting in the power of your emotional body to communicate deep truth.

Libra (Four of Michael)
This week it is important for you to rest and retreat in order to rejuvenate yourself mentally. This is especially important if you have been experiencing any stress or worry over a person or situation lately. Taking time out to work through all options will prove beneficial and you are advised to take note of any flashes of inspiration or ideas that pop into your head. Any messages that come through meditation are ideas sent from the Angels, to help you come to a decision, problem-solve a challenging situation or reach a breakthrough so you can move forward with positivity and a fresh approach. Whatever it is you do to healthily wind down and quiet your mind is essential for you this week. Carve out time in your schedule to seek relief from stress and get extra sleep this week if time allows. Mental rest and recuperation in a place of peace are needed to put self-defeating thoughts to rest and reignite your inspiration, ideas and positive outlook on life.

Scorpio (Queen of Raphael)
Caring for others is highlighted this week as your emotional cup is overflowing! Your kindness. patience and compassion, even under trying circumstances, is your super power. Family and your close, inner circle are paramount to your emotional wellbeing as they truly accept you as you are and provide unconditional love. Trusting your intuition, about people and situations, provides you with the confidence to speak from your heart and the courage to do the right thing in all circumstances. Sharing time with loved ones is a gift of joy. Your relationships develop to a new level of understanding, based on words and actions which emanate from a pure heart space. Tell people what they mean to you. Someone kind, understanding, generous and intuitive may also be significant to you โ€“ most likely a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Your psychic feelings are in tune this week.

Sagittarius (Three of Gabriel)
This week you are imagining possible futures and charging your plans with spiritual energy and vigour. Do not passively wait for things to happen, rather take the next step toward achieving the long-term vision for your life. Whatever it is that ignites your passion and creative energy, is surely the path you must take. This week you can take calculated risks in order to succeed, believe in your power and purpose. The universe will provide all that you need while you pursue your lifeโ€™s purpose. Be confident that you are guided and protected on this journey by Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Dream big and expect your plans to work out exactly as you have envisioned! Trust your instincts and take guided action. Be brave and bold this week and take action toward bringing a dream to fruition. This is the end of procrastination, itโ€™s time!

Capricorn (Two of Raphael)
Friendships and relationships deepen and romance is in the air! There is the opportunity to meet kindred spirits and, for singles, you may experience the potential of a friendship blossoming into an emotionally fulfilling romantic and soulful connection. With all of this love energy surrounding you this week you have the ability to bring conflicts to a positive resolution. A spirit of cooperation guides all of your interactions, particularly with your significant other and you will be able to communicate without words. Sharing your feelings is important too as it will bring you closer and strengthen your emotional bond. Approach all situations with an open heart. Choose being happy over being right and embrace the magic that unfolds. Heart connections are your most important priority this week and vulnerability is your key to contentment. Love is, actually, all around!

Aquarius (Page of Ariel)
This week there are opportunities to improve your physical and material security. You are likely to receive positive messages about work, home and health. Good news about a financial matter is also indicated. You will feel motivated to get involved in a new interest or activity that stimulates your desire to learn something in which youโ€™ve always had an interest. This may involve a new area of study in a health or allied field. The angels want you to know that you do have the patience, pragmatism and persistent energy to see this study through to a successful completion. Look for repeated numbers and other signs to confirm you are on path. A teenager or young adult who is reliable, clever and earthy may also be significant to you this week โ€“ most likely a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Listen to your body this week, it has wisdom to share.

Pisces (Two of Michael)
There may be an issue that you are unwilling to face this week or a decision you need to make but are caught up in your head about it. This is not the time to put your head in the sand and hope that the situation goes away. You hold the key to releasing the stalemate. The answers will come not from logical analysis or talking to others. Rather, you need to trust your inner guidance and have faith that your psychic knowing is your best guide in this situation. Donโ€™t worry about how others might react, all that matters is that you live in integrity and are comfortable with your decision. Down the track you can always choose something different if new information comes to hand, itโ€™s all part of the process of unfoldment. For now, choose the course of action that brings you peace.

Wishing you the most magical week ahead!

Love Marion


Soul Scopes 24-30 January 2022