These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (Seven of Cups)
This card represents the energy of Venus in Scorpio. Venus is all about value and Scorpio challenges us to face our fears. You will need to make a decision this week but you may feel less than deserving of what is on offer. The course of action you must take is the one that feels right for you, not what society or other people believe is acceptable or is from a place of diminishing your value. Trust your emotional compass to guide you this week, it is pointing you in the direction of your highest good to get you to honour your value. It may be the case that others see your value more than you do. If it is something you have wanted, trust your feelings, they always lead you down the right path, even if it seems like you’re not ready. The universe never offers us anything we are not ready for. This is your future self you are being asked to embrace now.

Taurus (Justice)
The cosmos is bringing something back into balance this week for you, Taurus. Where you have been wronged, the tables will be turned upright this week. Someone may apologise, or a legal matter may work out in your favour. This is a classic case of 3D justice emulating spiritual justice and you will feel at peace with the outcome. You may need to make an important decision this week too, in the name of truth. If it feels right to pursue something to its final conclusion, regardless of the outcome, this week is the ideal time to initiate action. Or, you may simply decide to leave justice to the universe to work out the karma. You know the spiritual truth of this situation and sometimes that is enough to give you peace of mind. Someone may come back into your life this week to make things right. Allow them to say what they need to say, and show them temperance to facilitate healing between both parties.

Gemini (Eight of Cups)
This card represents the energy of Saturn in Pisces. Saturn represents structure and long-term stability, it can also give us a big dose of reality. Pisces is the energy of the unseen realms, dreams and fantasy. This week, you may experience a situation that jolts you into facing the reality of a situation. It is important to acknowledge where in your life you may be feeling emotionally unfulfilled and start to feel into what will be your happiness going forward. There is a need to move on from situations and people that no longer uplift you and now is the time to secure a new emotional future. Your feelings are guiding you toward your ultimate contentment within yourself. It’s not that you’re running away from something, rather moving toward something better for your heart and soul. It’s time to release people or situations you have outgrown or that no longer fulfil you. Allow them to fall away. Be true to your feelings, you know where the goodness is, move toward it with a lighter, hopeful heart. Your fulfilment awaits!

Cancer (Seven of Wands)
You are coming out on top this week. After a period of struggle and conflict, your heart is opening again and your passion and sassy-ness are re-emerging. Some things are worth fighting for and you may need to take action this week instead of sitting and waiting passively. This is not a time to give it up to the universe to resolve, you must do everything you can toward obtaining a positive outcome in a particular situation. There’s a time to give the benefit of the doubt and allow things to unfold naturally, then there’s a time to stand up for what’s right. With your emotional sensitivity you innately know when to apply each one. With this Mars in Leo energy, you are lighting the way now for a win-win outcome through your warmth and positive approach.

Leo (The Devil)
It is time to deal with an energy within you that keeps you small. This week you are supported in releasing an unhealthy attitude, habit or pattern that you rely on as a coping or defence mechanism. Work is needed on a soul, emotional or mental level to release it from your energy field. Devil energy is fear-based energy where our ego makes decisions over our heart and keeps us held back, and stuck. You may need the help of a professional practitioner to heal this once and for all. Letting go can be challenging as it processes through your body, so take plenty of time to rest and hydrate through this healing journey. It’s not easy to face the darkness sometimes, but on the other is the liberation you have been seeking!

Virgo (The Tower)
Something unexpected will occur this week to shake you up and set you on a new path. The universe is providing you with a revelation or epiphany this week about changes that align you to you true path. There is nothing to fear as you are being Divinely supported to make these changes so you can upgrade your life. This involves rebuilding an aspect of your life with stronger foundations based on a new level of awareness. This is the universe’s way of creating an opportunity for you to make massive progress. These changes will involve breakthroughs in those areas of your life where you are feeling stagnant. If it feels exciting and scary at the same time, say yes and go for it!

Libra (Strength)
This week you will need to find the courage to face up to something you have been avoiding or holding back from. You will need to muster your mental and emotional strength to overcome it, but once you do it you will wonder what you were ever afraid of! This is an opportunity for you to grow from your experiences and draw on all that you have learned to provide you with the confidence to deal with challenges head on. Don’t allow pride to get in the way, it robs your joy and creates barriers. Just be your authentic self by acknowledging how you feel while remaining open hearted. Even if things don’t work out the way you want, you will be proud of yourself for being so brave it won’t matter! Then you can keep moving forward with greater self-esteem. You are so much stronger than you think!

Scorpio (Knight of Wands)
You are full of motivation and will have the energy to accomplish a significant task this week, especially if it involves a passion project, cause or mission. I love the dragon on this card! To me, dragons represent strength, power and wisdom. They can be a symbol of good or bad luck, depending on how you use their fire energy. It is important to ensure your energy is directed in a focused manner this week, through creativity, connection to spirit and passionate expression. Not explosive, destructive vengefulness. You’ve set your intention and now is the time to take bold, excited action toward what you desire. This is exactly what the recent Full Moon in Aries offered you. Momentum is everything and it’s all up to you now, there is no need to hold back, go for it! An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, may be significant this week. They light your fire and lift your soul with positive energy. Blaze a new trail in your life and allow yourself to have fun doing it!

Sagittarius (Eight of Swords)
You may be in your head this week and there is a need to get out of your own way by not overthinking and not catasrophising situations that haven’t occurred. There are some things you don’t need to know, so instead of tying yourself in knots trying to figure it out, breathe and let it be. The reality is, most times the problem is never as bad as we make it out to be in our minds. Just face up to it, ask the question you are afraid to ask or get the information you need to make a decision. Whatever the answer, your mind can be at peace and can be turned toward the next actions you can take to move beyond this challenging situation. Solutions will appear so you can breathe a sigh of relief and let go of the worst case scenario you had built up in your mind. You have the power to free yourself.

Capricorn (Judgement)
A new cycle of your soul’s evolution is here. Compassionately review and evaluate your past experiences so you can take forward the lessons and apply them in the next phase, on a new level of spiritual awareness. Reflection and self- forgiveness are required as you become aware that all of the experiences and people that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have developed a deeper understanding of yourself from a higher perspective, and profound wisdom along the way. Use it to guide the next phase of your spiritual journey. Listen to those whispers from your higher self, which is all-knowing and one hundred percent psychic, guiding you toward new experiences and people that will elevate your life. You don’t need to repeat the patterns of the past, they are not needed where you are going. This is a time of revelations, spiritual awakening and Divine guidance to prepare you for a new life cycle!

Aquarius (Two of Wands)
This card reflects the energy of Mars in Aries. You are faced with a choice this week and a clear option presents itself to you. This is about making plans for your future and co-creating your world with the universe. You are setting your intentions now to follow the path your spirit is urging you to take. It is a wonderful opportunity to embark on a journey driven by your desire to create something new, something that puts you in charge of your life.  It’s time to choose the next path now and move along it with courage, focus and passion, leaving the pain of the past behind. This is the pioneering energy of Mars in Aries. When you figure out what you want, you can set your intention to take momentous action and watch how everything starts to align around you.

Pisces (Page of Wands)
News of an exciting new opportunity may stir your spirit this week and the universe is encouraging you to run with it, even if you think you’re not ready. This will spark your creativity and adventurous spirit and you’ll be inspired to explore the potential of this opportunity. It’s all about trusting your instincts to experience something, or someone, exciting. To feel ignited with a lust for life again. This new venture may involve some form of study or delving deeper into a topic to stir your passion. Someone with a fiery, creative spirit may be significant to you this week, most likely a Leo or Sagittarius. The excitement of new adventures lies ahead!  Be bold as you express your spirit and explore new experiences through the eyes of a youthful soul. A world of possibilities is opening for you now!

Soul Scopes 2-8 October 2023