These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (Ten of Swords)
A painful cycle comes to an end this week. You are done with the disappointment, anxiety and mental anguish over people and situations that have stolen your mental peace. It is time to release it, to let go and let God. You can’t change the past, but you can choose a better state of mind. As a result of letting go, you may feel some sadness, but the overwhelming feeling is one of relief, and solutions will naturally be revealed. Open up to future possibilities so that you can fully leave the past behind. This is necessary for you to create space for new, happy experiences to come in. Focus your energy on bringing greater peace to your life and this will help you to move on. Everything will be fine.

Taurus (Five of Wands)
This cards reflects the energy of Saturn in Leo. Saturn is astrology’s taskmaster, holding us to account for our spiritual lessons. Leo teaches us the value of authenticity. Of being exactly who we are, without the need for a mask or to act with pretence. Saturn is checking in to see where you are at with this. The tension depicted in this card suggests you may be feeling inner conflict about wearing a mask in certain situations. Perhaps someone has triggered  this in you and you’re feeling frustrated. The key is to look at why you feel the need to default to a false facade in certain situations. There is no judgement here, Saturn simply wants you to get real about it and take responsibility for your behaviour, instead of projecting it on to, or blaming, others. This is a process of de-conditioning, so it is important to be kind to yourself as you learn the lessons of this journey to authentic self-expression.

Gemini (The Wheel of Fortune)
Something in your life which had you feeling blocked or stuck is about to turn around one hundred and eighty degrees! Energetic blocks are lifted this week and things move forward with fresh energy and momentum. Focus your thoughts and feelings on the outcome you desire and be prepared to flow with whichever direction you are taken by Divine guidance. This is a period of expansion, opportunities and advancement as you switch your mind to optimistic expectation. If a situation has been challenging, you’ll be able to turn it around by shifting your belief that you have to do something a particular way. Open your mind to other possibilities, a better way is available now. Good luck is also indicated when you have faith that everything is always working out for your highest good. Say it over and over until you believe it!

Cancer (Two of Swords)
There may be an issue that you don’t want to face this week or a decision you need to make but are caught up in your head about it. You hold the key to your mental clarity by getting in touch with the truth via your emotions. You can try all you like to sweep it under the carpet and convince yourself that something is the way you want it to be, but your feelings know the truth. You know what’s going on and you need to face up to it, otherwise your head and heart will continue to be in discord and that is not a healthy state to be in. Once you reach this place of being at peace with your truth, you will know what to do to resolve situations that are in a stalemate. And the decision you need to make will naturally emerge. Trust yourself!

Leo (The Star)
This week you are feeling more positive and hopeful about the future. Your experiences over the recent past have shown that you can handle any situation that comes your way. You can relax now and have full trust in the universe’s plan knowing that challenges are behind you and you are now in a period of integration, healing and soul growth. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression. You are now ready to embrace more of your own soul’s light now. You are optimistic about where you are heading and have support from the cosmos to make long-term plans in the pursuit of your true path. Allow inspiration to flow through you and Divine messages to guide you. Surrender to universal power, there is no need to control. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure success. Self-acceptance is your super power this week, and that star you’ve made a wish upon is now winking back at you. The cosmos is preparing to bring you a gift you have been wishing on. How it arrives will delight you!

Virgo (Page of Wands)
News of an exciting new opportunity may stir your spirit this week and the universe is encouraging you to run with it, even if you think you’re not ready. This will spark your creativity and adventurous spirit and you’ll be inspired to explore the potential of this opportunity. It’s all about trusting your instincts to experience something, or someone, exciting. To feel ignited with a lust for life again. This new venture may involve some form of study or delving deeper into a topic to stir your passion. Someone with a fiery, creative spirit may be significant to you this week, most likely a Leo or Sagittarius. The excitement of new adventures lies ahead!  Be bold as you express your spirit and explore new experiences through the eyes of a youthful soul. A world of possibilities is opening for you now.

Libra (King of Wands)
This week there is no holding back. This is a time of creating more freedom in your life, to take charge and go beyond your self-imposed limitations. You may need to step into a leadership role in your work or personal life this week. You have the energy, drive and experience to accomplish your mission! Fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and get your creative offerings out into the world. Focusing on the big picture will carry you through any minor hurdles this week. Remain optimistic and open to different avenues to create the momentum needed to drive forward. This is not the week to take no for an answer. In fact, you’re more likely to be the one saying no to anyone who tries to block you! Someone warm, generous, passionate and driven may be prominent in your life this week – possibly an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius or someone with these signs strongly placed in their chart. It’s time to break out and be your true, authentic self.

Scorpio (Seven of Swords)
The truth of a situation or someone’s intention is revealed to you this week. This could be someone confessing to you about what really happened after their words or actions left you reeling. This is nothing to be concerned about. The advice from the universe is to not take it personally. Others’ behaviour has nothing to do with you, it comes from a place within them that is wounded. Their actions may have angered or hurt you, but they are human and make mistakes, as we all do. Your job this week is to hold space, listen without judgement and graciously accept any apologies that come your way. Speaking your truth will also attract new allies this week as you step more potently into your voice. Trust that the truth will always move you in the best direction, even if it causes discomfort initially.  Welcome the freedom that truth brings.

Sagittarius (The Magician)
You will need to draw on all the tools in your inner toolbox to create the perfect energetic recipe this week. That means starting with a thought, an intention, charging it with feelings of what it would be like to have the thing/experience, then do whatever you can in a practical sense to set the manifestation process into action. Finally, release it to the universe to figure out the how and when. Your thoughts are powerful this week and you may receive information that changes the way you view a situation or person. Clinging to a particular outcome blocks Divine flow this week, so allow the universe to work its magic. Trusting this process is how you reclaim your power.

Capricorn (The Moon)
There is more going on in a situation underneath the surface and you are tuning into those energies this week. Things may not be clear so you will need to gather more information and process it through your intuition. The Moon is also supporting you to connect with your feelings, to trust in the power of your emotional body to show you the truth of what’s going on with you, and others. The upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on 24 February is ideal to express your emotions and channel them into your work and health to improve your life.

Aquarius (Nine of Swords)
You may experience mental restlessness this week by trying to resolve a situation in your mind. Anxiety occurs when we project into the future and worry about how a situation will turn out. Worry only creates more worry. Once you shift into a higher perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you. Get plenty of rest and do everything you can to calm your mind and surrender to the divine plan knowing that whatever happens you will learn something to take forward on your path. Your mind is a powerful tool but in this case the resolution lies in the spiritual realm, so there’s really no point in ruminating any longer.

Pisces (Eight of Swords)
This card reflects the energy of Jupiter in Gemini. In the shadow aspect, you are allowing your mind to get in the way of what your soul is calling you to do. You may even be manifesting blocks in your life because you hold unconscious negative beliefs about your potential or your greatness. The message is to get out of your own way by reframing the limiting belief and focusing on doing the thing you are holding yourself back from. Jupiter is assisting you at this time to move beyond your comfort zone, to expand your mind into believing that you are capable of more. This week’s reading will continue to play out from May 2024 until June 2025 when Jupiter is transiting Gemini, so the mind work you do now will set you up to benefit greatly during this 12 month period.

Soul Scopes 12-18 February 2024