These Soul Scopes are created through a fusion of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and intuitive guidance with the intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads messages for their Sun, Moon and/or  Ascendant (Rising) sign.


Aries (The Magician)
You attract synchronicities, fortuitous timing and magical energy this week! You have the ability and resources to manifest all you want and need and your clear psychic knowing is extremely powerful. If you think it this week, be prepared for instant materialisation! If you have been procrastinating, this is the week to bring fresh energy to a creative project as successful beginnings are indicated, particularly with ventures connected to your life purpose. You already have everything you need in your manifestation toolkit. To make progress, choose the right tool, let go of how it will show up and let the universe work its exquisite timing. For example, if you need more information about something, get out your mental toolkit and research it or open your higher mind to Divine communication. Working with the elemental energies (earth, water, fire and air) to create alchemy and turn spirit into matter is your super power this week. Make some magic!

Taurus (Death)
This is a big week emotionally and psychologically for you. It is time to face up to the uncomfortable feelings that a person or situation is triggering within you. To go into your soul and transform pain into power by allowing something that is no longer serving you to die. Letting go can be challenging, so you will need to practice extreme self-care to ensure you can process and release. Seek professional, holistic help in these situations so you can submit to the healing process. You will be taken out of your comfort zone and it is best not to fight it because on the other side of short term discomfort is the inner peace you have been seeking. Endings are painful, but necessary for spiritual and personal growth.

Gemini (Four of Cups)
You may feel disillusioned that something didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Instead of wallowing in this emotion, focus on the wonderful life you have rather than what you think you don’t have. The universe has a higher plan and you’re only feeling down because you didn’t trust in the higher plan and attached your mind and heart to a particular outcome. If you want more for your life, that’s great, start from a point of being happy with where you are and grateful for every person and experience that has shaped you. Disappointment is the universe’s way of guiding you toward something more fulfilling. It is time to turn your attention to those possibilities and connect to the hope that flickers, like a flame, within you.

Cancer (Three of Pentacles)
Success is yours this week with good planning and collaboration. You will have an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and capabilities in a team environment to achieve a major goal. This is a time of significant growth in your mastery of the physical and material world. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this week as you summon your resources to bring a vision or dream into reality through practical application of your spiritual and human capabilities. Imperfect action now will allow you to iterate, refine and grow this vision or dream into a very special offering that will be of service to others. Get working!

Leo (Six of Pentacles)
A spirit of gratitude imbues your words and actions this week and this invites abundance into your life. If you have a tendency to be a giver, be prepared to receive! It’s all about the equal exchange of energy in relationships this week. Manage your energy with discernment, especially with those who have a record of constantly drawing on your time, energy and other resources without giving back. It may be time to put some healthy boundaries in place and lovingly enforce them. Someone from the past who didn’t have the capacity to give to a relationship the way you deserve may come back into your life this week with an offer. They may just surprise you with what they have to give now. Get set to receive!

Virgo (Seven of Cups)
You will need to make a decision this week, faced with a range of choices and options. The course of action you must take is the one that feels right for you, not what society or other people believe is acceptable or what you think you should do. Trust your emotional compass to guide you this week, it is pointing you in the direction of your highest good. Allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcome for this particular situation and make your decision from this place. There is also a need to detoxify from emotions that are locked within your body. Talk them out, sweat them out, or energetically clear them out – emotion needs motion in order to be released. Doing so will bring peace to any decisions you need to make. Crack open your heart light this week, allow people in and flow unconditional love into your world and the people in it. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Libra (The Lovers)
Relationships and deep soul connections are significant this week. An electric meeting of hearts and minds will fill your energetic cup. If you are in a relationship, this week the energy is auspicious to communicate on a deeper level with your loved one as sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings will strengthen your bond. For singles, this is the perfect week to manifest your soul mate – write down how you want to feel in the partnership of your dreams then let it go, the universe will answer the call at the perfect time. If you have been secretly crushing on someone now is the time to express your feelings. Allow your heart to guide all of your decisions and love to overflow to all whom you encounter this week. Embrace the power and transformative healing energy of unconditional love, acceptance and pure soul connection. You are a love magnet!

Scorpio (Six of Wands)
This week the cosmos is nudging you to become familiar with self-praise. There are things you have achieved that you should rightly be proud of. You did it! Reward yourself. Acknowledgement and recognition from others are coming this week too. A sense of victory is in the air as you achieved something you thought you wouldn’t. This is all about swimming in the energy of deservingness. You are more capable than you realise and now you have reached this milestone you can continue to the next one with confidence. When you value and celebrate your contribution and the milestones along the way, you attract even more victorious experiences into your life!

Sagittarius (Six of Swords)
This week presents an opportunity to take charge of your healing journey by attending to your mind and its role in creating a state of well-being. Healing on a mental level will take place as you take things slowly and find peace within yourself through meditation, in whatever form works for you – artistic activities, yoga, craft, guided meditation journeys, sound baths, float tanks, etc. If you’ve been ruminating over a situation, this will dissipate as you focus your thoughts on making new plans for yourself based on deciding that you want to be in a calmer state of mind in your life. It is time to move on from situations and people that compromise your peace. This may mean a literal move of residence or location, potentially near water.

Capricorn (Page of Wands)
News of an exciting new opportunity may land in your lap week and the universe is encouraging you to run with it, even if you think you’re not ready. This will spark your creativity and adventurous spirit and you’ll be inspired to explore the potential of this opportunity. It’s all about trusting your instincts to experience something, or someone, exciting. To feel ignited with a lust for life again. This new venture may involve some form of study or delving deeper into a topic to stir your passion. Someone with a fiery, creative spirit may be significant to you this week. The excitement of new adventures and blazing trails lies ahead!

Aquarius (Five of Pentacles)
You received this message a couple of weeks ago, Aquarius, so you’re getting another opportunity from the cosmos to embrace this energy. There is a need to put practical measures in place to address a financial, work or health matter this week. If you have been trying to resolve an issue on your own, it may be time to seek assistance. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Once you turn your energy to focusing on a solution that involves assistance from others, including your angels and guides, your situation will improve. It is important not to dwell on your weaknesses and catastrophise situations from a victim mindset. Raise your vibration to the energy of hope and optimism, and trust that you will be led to the right people for assistance. Intuitive counselling and energy healing may assist. Remember that in addition to support from people, you have a team of guardian angels and guides who are ready to assist on a spiritual level. It’s time to accept that you can’t do this on your own. Reach out this week and allow in help from others. What you need to be healthy and happy is completely within your reach!

Pisces (The Star)
This week you are feeling more positive and hopeful about the future. Your experiences over the recent past have shown that you can handle any situation that comes your way. You can relax now and have full trust in the universe’s plan knowing that challenges are behind you and you are now in a period of integration, healing and soul growth. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression. Best of all, it is your light that you are embracing and it is now guiding you forward. You are optimistic about where you are heading and have support from the cosmos to make long-term plans in the pursuit of your true path. Allow inspiration to flow through you and Divine messages to guide you. Surrender to universal power, there is no need to control. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure success. Self-acceptance is your super power this week, and that star you’ve made a wish upon is now winking back at you!

Wishing you an incredible week ahead!

Love Marion xxx

Soul Scopes 11-17 July 2022