These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign and/or Moon sign for deeper insight.


Aries (Four of Gabriel)
The energy of celebration surrounds you this week as you co-create joyful experiences with the universe. Your commitment and dedication pays off and provides you with deep feelings of satisfaction with how your life is evolving. Connection to your higher self and confidence in divine guidance are strong this week and you may experience prophetic visions. You are laying foundations and creating stability in your life, especially around your path in life and soul mate connections. Successful completion of a project is indicated and may pay off in material and spiritual ways this week too. Home matters are also highlighted such as celebrating a milestone in a relationship, business partnership or creative endeavour. If you have been thinking about taking a relationship to the next level, this week is the perfect time to plan and take action towards making it happen. Celebrate your progress and achievements and build on them. Stable foundations are set through creative action and social connection this week. Lavish yourself with praise!

Taurus (Nine of Ariel)
Revel in the beauty of life this week by tapping into your elemental, playful energy. Notice all of the delights our beautiful Mother Earth provides, and her innate intelligence that connects us to the Divine. If you have put a lot of energy into your work it is now time to relax, rejuvenate and play. Physical touch, aromatherapy, sound therapy or simply just immersing your feet in grass or sand will help to anchor this energy in your body. Spending time in nature will also provide contentment and a stronger feeling of well-being. Successful self-employment is also indicated, so if you have been considering establishing your own business, be reassured that you already have all of the necessary skills and resources to bring this to fruition. By appreciating the beauty in everything around you, your imagination is ignited and this raises your vibration to attract new streams of abundance. Weave yourself into the rich tapestry of life. No more denying yourself simple pleasures!

Gemini (Page of Michael)
You may receive information that causes you to over-analyse or re-think a situation this week. Take this as a blessing. It is important not to take things personally and instead focus on the benefit that comes from knowing the truth about a situation or person. This is not the time to make an emotional decision or communicate in the heat of an emotional reaction as you are likely to say something you regret. Approaching challenges with logic, intellect and fairness is your best response. There may be delays or changes to plans, but be open to the idea that it may be the universe nudging you toward something better. Ideas flow into your consciousness with regularity this week, so take note of any messages you receive via flashes of genius or inner knowing as this is the Divine inspiration which you have been seeking โ€“ a key piece of the puzzle falls into place. Review contracts or documents thoroughly. Someone who is direct, perceptive and analytical may also be significant to you this week โ€“ most likely a Gemini or other air sign (Libra or Aquarius).

Cancer (The Lovers)
Relationships and deep soul connections are significant this week. An electric meeting of hearts and minds will fill your energetic cup. If you are in a relationship, this week the energy is auspicious to communicate on a deeper level with your loved one as sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings will strengthen your bond. For singles, this is the perfect week to manifest your soul mate โ€“ write down how you want to feel in the partnership of your dreams then let it go, the universe will answer the call at the perfect time. If you have been secretly crushing on someone now may be the time to express your feelings verbally or through the written word. Allow your heart to guide all of your decisions and love to overflow to all whom you encounter this week. Embrace the power and transformative healing energy of unconditional love, acceptance and pure soul connection. You are a love magnet!

Leo (Two of Michael)
There may be an issue that you are unwilling to face this week or a decision you need to make but are caught up in your head about it. This is not the time to put your head in the sand and hope that the situation goes away. You hold the key to releasing the stalemate. The answers will come not from logical analysis or talking to others. Rather, you need to trust your inner guidance and have faith that your psychic knowing is your best guide in this situation. Donโ€™t worry about how others might react, all that matters is that you live in integrity and are comfortable with your decision. Down the track you can always choose something different if new information comes to hand, itโ€™s all part of the process of unfoldment. For now, choose the course of action that brings you peace.

Virgo (The Star)
This week you are feeling more positive and hopeful about the future. Your experiences over the recent past have shown that you can handle any situation that comes your way. You can relax now and have full trust in the universeโ€™s plan knowing that challenges are behind you and you are now in a period of integration, healing and soul growth. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression. Best of all, it is your light that you are embracing and it is now guiding you forward. You are optimistic about where you are heading and have Archangel Jophielโ€™s support to make long-term plans in the pursuit of your true path. Allow inspiration to flow through you and Divine messages to guide you. Surrender to universal power, there is no need to control. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure success. Self-acceptance is your guiding star this week!

Libra (New Beginnings)
A new cycle of your soul evolution is taking place at this moment. Compassionately review and evaluate your past experiences so you can take forward the lessons and apply them in the next phase. Reflection and self- forgiveness are required. It is time to rejoice in all of the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have learned so much about yourself and developed a deeper understanding of the perfectly imperfect duality of the human condition. This self-acceptance and life experience enhances your confidence and you now feel ready to move ahead in the next phase of your spiritual journey. This week you are supported to pursue or extend your lifeโ€™s true purpose. Listen to those whispers from the universe guiding you toward your path. Archangels Michael and Jeremiel can help with identifying your life purpose and clearing the path so that you can pursue it with commitment and confidence. New beginnings!

Scorpio (The Sun)
Just like the Sun, you are filled with light, warmth, optimism and joy this week which provides you with a strong sense of confidence and life force energy. Archangel Uriel is guiding you to own your power and shine your light with magnificence. Allow your warmth to bring positivity and confidence to others too. You may feel strong enough to address a situation that has been dimming your light for some time. Embrace your divinity and allow the sun to warm up those places within you that you have kept hidden. Illumination will be brought to an uncertain situation this week, bringing new growth and opportunities. Maintain a positive outlook and you will experience the universal flow of perfect timing, synchronicity and helpful people. Connecting with your inner child is important to generateย creative and joyful experiences. It is all about you this week. Bask in your own glorious light!

Sagittarius (Eight of Michael)
You may be doing head miles over a situation and the more you focus on it, the more tangled your mind becomes. Donโ€™t look for the solution to come from an external source โ€“ it lies within. You have the wisdom inside you to determine the right course of action. The trick is to quiet your mind and allow low-vibe thoughts to float away. Obsessing only blocks the flow of assistance from the universe. There are some things you cannot control, especially the decisions of others. Fixating on an outcome diminishes your power. Give your worries to Archangel Michael and allow creative solutions to flow into your consciousness. These solutions will release you from a situation that currently has you feeling trapped. Use your free will to change your experience of this situation. Choose a more peaceful path for YOU. Sometimes letting go is best. If something is meant to be yours it will find its way (back) to you.

Capricorn (Queen of Michael)
Observing situations from a position of neutrality is key for you this week. Honesty and humour in are your tools of choice as you navigate decisions and assess courses of action. You have the ability to see clearly and not be swayed by emotions or hidden agendas. Your perception is razor sharp and you can rely on your judgement. This is a powerful time to speak your truth from a place of deep knowing and love within yourself. Communication is essential, but choose your words wisely and keep things light by injecting humour wherever possible. Someone intellectual, witty and insightful may be significant to you this week โ€“ most likely a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. It could even be you! Allow space for people to figure out solutions to their own problems. Coach rather than tell.

Aquarius (Knight of Gabriel)
You are full of motivation and will have the energy to accomplish a significant task this week, especially if it involves a passion project, cause or mission. Apply wisdom to ensure your energy is directed in a focused manner so you can achieve massive results. An impatient approach blocks the flow of divine timing, so if you must act swiftly, be sure that your intentions are pure. Your instincts are honed for positive action and your energy will catalyse the flow of Divine inspiration. Stop all the thinking and over-analysing, youโ€™ve done enough of that and it is now time to take imperfect action. Progress through action is your mantra this week! Just do it! Once youโ€™ve landed it you can always make adjustments. Someone passionate, adventurous, fearless and restless may be significant to you this week โ€“ an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. They may come along at just the right time to help you achieve a milestone or goal!

Pisces (Queen of Gabriel)
Express your passion, creativity and boldness this week. Leave doubt and insecurity behind. Success this week comes through following your instincts and having supreme confidence in your capabilities. Throw in a splash of cheekiness and playfulness in your intimate relationships too! Others will find your enthusiasm irresistible and will want to spend time in your energy. Your creativity is amplified this week, so if there is a hobby or interest you have been meaning to do for a while, this is the week to pour energy into it and possibly even grow it into a full blown business venture. This will energise your spirit and align you with your divine purpose and path in life. Someone passionate, independent, warm and spontaneous may be significant โ€“ an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You can accomplish anything this week โ€“ go after what you want. Your creativity and problem-solving skills are on point. Express your genius!

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

Love Marion xxx

Soul Scopes 10 – 16 January 2022