These Soul Scopes are created through intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology with the loving intention to provide clarity, comfort, inspiration and healing to every person who reads these messages.

Read your Ascendant (Rising) sign for deeper insight.


Aries (Six of Michael)
This message came through for you a couple of weeks ago, Aries, so there is an opportunity to take charge of your healing journey by attending to your mind and its role in creating a state of well-being. Healing on a mental level will take place, so if you’ve been doing head miles over a particular situation, this will dissipate as you focus your thoughts and energy on making new plans and enacting new ideas. This week is also a good time to make changes to any area of your life, especially clearing out limiting beliefs and out-dated attitudes as conditions are favourable for you to let go of the old and transition a new state of mind. Guided meditations are helpful this week as they take you out of anxiety and into the present moment. Connecting with your higher self is critical for healing. Enjoy the now, knowing that your thoughts, dreams and inner-knowing are guiding you in the right direction. Invoke Archangel Michael for guidance and know that you are never alone with your spirit team always willing and ready to assist. Mental clarity and calm are your goals this week.

Taurus (King of Ariel)
This week your professional and/or financial status gets a big boost. Opportunities for promotion or to earn what you’re truly worth present themselves as your skills and talents bring rewards, for yourself and others. You are confidently owning your authority in a particular field and it is being recognised and appreciated, especially by you. You have the ability this week to harness resources wisely, so draw on your experience to create the outcome you are seeking in your material world. Everything you put your hand to will be successful this week, especially those activities on the career front. Preparation for retirement is also indicated and seeking advice from a trusted adviser will help set you up for financial success. Long term investments are the most beneficial at this time. Someone who is successful, stable and influential may also be significant to you this week – a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. Never settle for less than what you deserve!

Gemini (The Star)
This week you are feeling more positive and hopeful about the future. Your experiences over the recent past have shown that you can handle any situation that comes your way. You can relax now and have full trust in the universe’s plan knowing that challenges are behind you and you are now in a period of integration, healing and soul growth. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression. Best of all, it is your light that you are embracing and it is now guiding you forward. You are optimistic about where you are heading and have Archangel Jophiel’s support to make long-term plans in the pursuit of your true path. Allow inspiration to flow through you and Divine messages to guide you. Surrender to universal power, there is no need to control. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure success. Acceptance is an inside job.

Cancer (Page of Raphael)
A relationship enters a new phase of openness and sensitivity this week. This could be a new person entering your life or the deepening of an existing relationship. Singles could meet someone on the same emotional frequency. Tender conversations bring you closer to people in your inner circle. An emotional break-through could have you feeling more at peace within yourself. This week could also see a realisation within your heart that a softening is required on your part to achieve different results in relationships. Overall, the energy of relationships this week is sensitive, innocent and intuitive. Some may feel they are being swept away on a sea of pure, heart-filled emotion. Just go with this special feeling. Reveal your vulnerable side and soak up those loving vibes. A Cancerian or younger, sensitive person may be significant to you this week. A message of love arrives just in time, don’t give up hope!

Leo (Ten of Gabriel)
You may be feeling burdened with all the work you have to get through seemingly on your own. Your only task this week is to focus on what truly matters and leave the rest to others. Sometimes we believe it is best for us to do the work ourselves as we know the job will be done right, but this can result in stress that can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. This is a lesson in delegation and trust. Ask for and accept help from others and/or delegate or outsource tasks you’re not good at or don’t want to do so you can preserve your energy for the priorities. Ask Archangel Gabriel to send you helpful people to assist. If you’re trying too hard to please others, setting boundaries will be important this week. It’s healthy to say no sometimes and draw the line when you feel you’re being taken for granted. Life is meant to be joyful, not a struggle. Lighten your load without guilt or remorse. This will be empowering not only to you, but others as well.

Virgo (Seven of Ariel)
This is a week of review and evaluation, especially on the work and health fronts. You may not be seeing the results you were hoping for with bringing a goal, dream or wish into reality, no matter what action you take. Archangel Ariel is here to reassure you he is lining up events and people to bring you something better than you imagined so please view any pauses with faith and optimism. It’s all a matter of Divine timing. Don’t give up, you are on the right track, keep acting in accordance with your inner guidance. You’re on the precipice of a momentous outcome. Perseverance is your super power this week!

Libra (Queen of Ariel)
Same message this week for you, Libra. Again, you get to play in the physical and material world this week by switching on all of your senses. This week you are rich with abundant energy and surrounded by people and beautiful environments which amplify this. Making the effort to enjoy time with other people, either at work or home, will be a pleasure for you. You may also be inspired to beautify your surroundings too. You are resourceful with money and confident in your creative thinking abilities. Practical advice this you provide week is appreciated. If you have been giving too much of late, do something for yourself. A salt bath, aromatherapy massage or time in nature will reset mind and body. Overall though your energy is stable and you’re feeling optimistic about any health and financial changes you are making. Someone generous, practical and mature may be significant to you this week – a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. A great week to listen to and honour your body as a magnificent creation!

Scorpio (Seven of Raphael)
You will need to make a decision this week, faced with a range of choices and options. The course of action you must take is the one that feels right for you, not what society or other people believe is acceptable or what you think you should do. Trust your emotional compass to guide you this week, it is pointing you in the direction of your highest good. Once you are clear about what you need on an emotional level, you will know exactly what choice to make. There is also a need to detoxify from emotions that are locked within your body. Talk them out, sweat them out, or energetically clear them out – emotion needs motion in order to be released. Doing so will bring peace to any decisions you need to make. Crack open your heart light this week, allow people in and flow unconditional love into your work and relationships. The right decisions for you will naturally bubble to the surface from this place and bring peace of mind, heart and spirit.

Sagittarius (Three of Ariel)
Success is yours this week with good planning and collaboration. You will have an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and capabilities in a team environment to achieve a common goal. This is a time of significant growth in your career, to do something that can be soulfully and financially rewarding. You can confidently bring people together to solve problems and create synergy for group activities and outcomes. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this week. Your work provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment and you realise it is possible to derive financial prosperity from doing what you love. This is an ideal time to take action on those creative projects which have been bubbling away in your mind but have yet to land. Imperfect action now will allow you to iterate, refine and grow this idea into a very special offering. Get to it!

Capricorn (The Magician)
You attract synchronicities, fortuitous timing and magical energy this week! You have the ability and resources to manifest all you want and need and your clear psychic knowing is extremely powerful. If you think it this week, be prepared for instant materialisation! If you have been procrastinating starting a new project, this is the week to kick start it again as successful beginnings are indicated, particularly with ventures connected to your life purpose. Archangel Raziel is ready to assist with motivation and decisive action. You already have everything you need, just start where you are with what you know and watch the magical next steps unfold. Let go of outcomes and allow the universe to work its exquisite timing. What you need may magically appear this week so amp up your communication to the cosmos and allow the flow of Divine timing. Something you were worried about may turn out better then you imagined. Dream. Think. Feel. Expect!

Aquarius (Ace of Gabriel)
A new opportunity in your career or life path comes into clearer focus this week. Archangel Gabriel is asking you to embrace it with inspiration and optimism. This is your chance to create something truly amazing, starting this week. Gabriel is the Angel of communication, and you are the sign of communication, so the cosmos is lining up a special passion project related to speaking, writing, listening, publishing, perception, conversation, teaching or learning. Take imperfect action this week, starting with the spark of inspiration and fuel it with soul light so it burns brighter. This is the start of a new interest or person entering your life that will energise your spirit. Enjoy the exhilaration this brings!

Pisces (Five of Ariel)
There is a need to put practical measures in place to address a financial, work or health matter this week. If you have been trying to resolve an issue on your own, it may be time to seek assistance. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Once you turn your energy to focusing on a solution that involves assistance from others, including your angels, your situation will improve. Call in Archangel Ariel to help raise your vibration to the energy of hope and optimism, and lead you to the right people. Your health is a priority this week and you are being called to look deeper into the patterns and emotions which underlie a physical issue. Intuitive counselling and energy healing may assist. Remember that in addition to support from people, you have a team of guardian angels and guides who are ready to assist on a spiritual level. It’s time to accept that you can’t do this on your own. Reach out this week and allow help from others to enrich you. What you need to be healthy and happy is within reach!

Wishing you a peaceful week ahead!

Love Marion


Soul Scopes 22-28 November 2021